Hola Readers,

We’re halfway through May and we’ve already been ‘for the
birds’ and walking with fire. More of which later! 

Bold & Brave video series: It has launched eventually! The first video is with me, and I feel your pain! For all of our clients, yes, I’ve helped with scripts, reassured you when on camera, and encouraged you to do more pics / videos…but it’s challenging! Even for me.

We’re so used to being behind the camera that it’s totally out of our (my!) comfort zone but you have to push yourself. You may have already spotted my first video in the last newsletter where I speak about agency culture and how the client fit is so important. It’s titled ‘Have you ever sacked a client?’ 😊 Check it out here if you fancy a rewatch: https://youtu.be/-BX1Ipc17OU

Out latest video is from our Account Exe, Tara. We’ve said it time and time again, but imagery is so important. A picture paints a thousand words, and it’s never been more important than in today’s 8-second attention span world.

Why strong imagery matters in PR is Tara’s video and you can view it here:  https://youtu.be/Vz00IliQYhE

Walking with fire: Joanna and I headed off to the first Belfast Firewalk as organised by our client and friend, Jennie Wallace, Co-owner of Beyond Skin. Back in 2023, aged just 42, Jennie experienced a life-changing stroke. In the past year, with grit, determination and bravery, Jennie has been rebuilding her strength and confidence.

Back in February, I took a call from Jennie where she mentioned setting herself a goal of firewalking and organising a firewalk(!). I’m always super positive, and asked how we could help, and in true Jennie spirit, no sooner had I hung up, than a plan was hatched. 

Fast forward three months, and on Friday 3rd May, Joanna and I set off to support Jennie and the 70-strong registered firewalkers. We had the pleasure of donating pro bono PR support for the event and hoped the event would be a huge success.

Joanna was determined to Firewalk, and I was determined NOT TO Firewalk. Long story short, with much reassurance from fellow firewalkers (a very gentle way of saying I succumbed to peer pressure), my first-ever Firewalk is now complete. 

More importantly, Jennie achieved her goal, organised Belfast’s first-ever Firewalk and collectively raised over £10,000 for NI Chest Heart & Stoke. Bravo Jennie - we’re so proud of you! 

Hello Hello | You're visiting our new website!
Our new website has launched! Phew…I’m delighted. But why did we need a new site? Here’s why:

We’re only at the start of this journey so I will keep you posted on performance, but my advice to you is to conduct an SEO audit of your site, understand the potential, and be bold enough to go again with a new website if your current website isn't up to the mark. It may cost now, but will save thousands in the future. 

Your PR score: A snazzy new edition of the new website is a 10-minute PR quiz that I’ve created and built into the homepage. 15 rapid-fire questions will help you to understand your business / organisation's readiness for PR.

If you know of anyone who is considering PR but unsure of their requirements, please do send on the RNN PR Radar as this will help in clarifying whether PR is required for the business.

You can take the quiz here:  https://rnncommunications.com/pr-quiz/?

And finally, away with the birds! That’s not just a phrase that the team mentions when I’m in the vicinity! Jill, Joanna and Sinead were actually away with the birds in May. Organising a press trip for 20 media and influencers to Rathlin Island on behalf of a client, the team were onboard to spot the famous puffins of Rathlin and they didn’t disappoint. Traveling with Kintra Tours, it’s well worth the visit. To book your trip to Rathlin, click here:   https://kintraboattours.co.uk/collections/boat-trips/products/puffins-lighthouses-and-seals-tour

Monthly Takeaways:

"The pace of change has never been this fast, and yet, it will never be this slow again.”

Justin Trudeau. How ‘trudeau’ Justin!

Biggest challenges:

- Judging Awards: I’ve judged both the PRCA Dare Awards and Belfast Telegraph Grocer Marketing Awards in the past month.

- New client win: An auction house, that’s auctioning…wait for it….a 7ft bronze crab! How f*!king fabulous!  Start saving now, the auction is live on 28th and 29th May. Oh how I would love that crab!

Thanks so much for reading.  You deserve a pat on the back for getting this far!
Yours in Comms,

In an era where corporate responsibility is under the spotlight, Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations have become pivotal for businesses aiming to thrive in the long term. As companies navigate the complex landscape of sustainability and responsible business practices, Public Relations (PR) emerges as a crucial ally in shaping and enhancing their ESG communication strategies.

Understanding ESG: A Holistic Approach

Before discussing the role of PR in ESG, it's essential to understand the three pillars that constitute ‘ESG’:

Environmental (E): Focuses on a company's impact on the planet, including its carbon footprint, resource consumption, and commitment to sustainable practices.

Social (S): Addresses a company's engagement with its communities, employees, and stakeholders, emphasising diversity and inclusion, and its contribution to society.

Governance (G): Encompasses the internal structures and practices that guide a company's decision-making, ensuring transparency, accountability, and ethical leadership.

The PR Professional's Toolkit for ESG Success

Crafting compelling narratives:

PR professionals are adept at storytelling, and in the realm of ESG, this skill is invaluable. Crafting narratives that resonate with stakeholders, emphasising a company's commitment to sustainability, ethical practices, and social impact, builds trust and credibility.

Building reputation and trust:

In the ESG landscape, reputation is everything. PR plays a pivotal role in enhancing a company's reputation by highlighting its efforts in environmental conservation, social responsibility, and ethical governance. Transparent communication fosters trust among stakeholders, creating a positive perception of the company.

Navigating crisis communication:

ESG-related crises can be detrimental to a company's image. PR professionals are equipped to handle crises effectively, mitigating damage and guiding the narrative towards a constructive resolution. Proactive communication during challenging times reinforces a company's commitment to addressing and rectifying issues.

Stakeholder Engagement:

PR facilitates meaningful engagement with stakeholders, including investors, customers, employees, and communities. By effectively communicating ESG initiatives, companies can align their values with those of their stakeholders, fostering long-term relationships and loyalty. Additionally, PR professionals excel in identifying and managing partnerships and sponsorships with charities and organisations that share a company's values. Through strategic collaboration, PR companies ensure these alliances are maximised for the benefit of all parties, creating partnership that contributes to lasting positive change.

Amplifying Impactful Initiatives:

PR serves as a megaphone for a company's impactful ESG initiatives. Whether it's achieving carbon neutrality, implementing diversity and inclusion programs, or strengthening governance structures, PR ensures that these efforts are not only recognised but also celebrated, contributing to a positive brand image.

Educating Internal and External Audiences:

PR professionals play a crucial role in educating both internal and external audiences about the importance of ESG. By providing clear, accessible information about a company's sustainability goals, ethical practices, and governance principles, PR helps create a more informed and supportive community.

Conclusion: PR's Role in Driving ESG Excellence

In the dynamic landscape of corporate responsibility, PR emerges as a strategic partner in shaping, promoting, and safeguarding a company's ESG initiatives. By leveraging their communication expertise, PR professionals contribute to the development of compelling narratives, the cultivation of trust, and the amplification of positive impacts, ultimately driving ESG excellence for clients. As businesses increasingly recognise the connection between PR and ESG, the collaboration between the two becomes a powerful force for positive change, paving the way for a sustainable and responsible future.

Hello readers,

I'm thrilled to share some exciting news with you all! It's hard to believe, but I've officially been a part of the RNN Communications family for one incredible year. What's even more exciting is that I've recently been promoted to the role of Senior PR Executive.

My journey with RNN Communications has been nothing short of amazing. From day one, I felt like part of a team that values creativity, dedication, and a passion for public relations. RNN is filled with inspiring professionals who have guided and encouraged me every step of the way.

Over the past year, I've had the privilege of working on some fun projects. From crafting compelling stories, building social media accounts, and devising innovative PR strategies have been at the core of my role. I've had the chance to work with clients who trust me to tell their stories and elevate their brands!

Now, in my new role of Senior PR Executive, I'm looking forward to even more responsibilities and to keep learning. Every day is a school day for me!

Big thanks to the rest of the team at RNN for being a part of this journey with me and of course to Riki. #girlboss.

Cheers to one year down and many more exciting years ahead, woo hoo!







This is just some of the figures from DFI Beds #TikTok account.

DFI Beds is Ireland’s largest online bedding retailer. With over twenty years in the online bedding business and the recent introduction of its first flagship store in Newry, DFI Beds understand the importance of high-quality products and great service at an affordable price.

Having built its business initially on Facebook, where the company grew it’s following to over 99k followers, Instagram closely followed where DFI Beds account now has just shy of 10k followers. We felt that TikTok was the logical next step for DFI Beds’ social media journey, and we offered our TikTok Takeaway service to help establish the brands presence online and produce creative and engaging content. Having always recognised the power of social media, DFI Beds were more than willing to give it a go and the results so far have been fantastic with the account showing steady growth and excellent engagement.

Here's how we’ve established DFI Beds’ presence on TikTok:

Creating engaging content: We started by creating engaging and informative content that would resonate with their target audience. On a regular basis, we capture content to use in the creation of short videos that exhibit the DFI Beds product range, promote the new store and showcase the benefits of using DFI beds and products, such as better sleep and improved quality of life.

Using trending hashtags, audio and templates: We researched trending hashtags related to their target audience and used them in their videos. This helped their content reach a wider audience and get more views. The use of high-quality audio and popular templates, has significantly increased the reach and profiling of all videos, allowing DFI Beds to engage with a wider audience and increase their chances of going viral. Some videos even reached over 104k views!

Collaborating with influencers: To reach a larger audience, we have undertaken collaborations with influencers to create and share content for the DFI Beds brand. These collaborations have helped to increase the reach and credibility of the DFI Beds brand, resulting in new followers and increased engagement.

Engaging with followers: We made sure to engage with the followers of the DFI Beds TikTok account by responding to comments and messages. This engagement has helped to build a loyal community around the brand.

Consistent posting: We post consistently on the DFI Beds TikTok page, at least twice a week. This has helped to keep followers engaged and interested in the content being shared.

By following these steps, we have grown the DFI Beds TikTok page from 0 to 1000 followers in just 12 weeks, with some views hitting over 100k. We were able to reach a younger demographic and expand their customer base, which helped to increase their revenue and brand recognition.

Want the same results? Email: tara@rnncommunications.com to find out more about our Tik-Tok service. Oh and don’t forget to follow DFI Beds on Tik-tok @dfibeds.

County Down communications agency, RNN Communications has just launched a new TikTok service, aptly named ‘TikTok Takeaway’, which is a content creation solution for brands that want to increase their brand presence and awareness on the ever-popular video platform.

TikTok is fast becoming the most engaged and downloaded social media platform for brands to reach and interact with new audiences. In response to an increased demand for the delivery of creative solutions for TikTok, RNN Communications’ ‘TikTok Takeaway service will provide a menu of options for brands.

Managing the entire process from creative direction and briefing to delivery of the final product in line with brand requirements, TikTok Takeaway is here to make TikTok content creation efficient, saving time and resources for clients.

“The popularity of TikTok continues to grow and shows no sign of waning. Focused on short-form video content, the platform has become the place that refers a significant amount of traffic of brands, with a conversion rate as high as "TikTok made me buy it" is real!

Riki Neill

“Over the past 12-18 months we’ve been building clients’ TikTok channels both here and in some European countries, so it made sense to open up this service to other brands and help them to get on board with TikTok. It’s not just about launching an account, it’s content, planning, consistency, and connecting with audiences through smart and savvy content.”

Our TikTok offering includes content creation from our wonderful team of digital executives, who are supported by a wider network of brilliant content creators, ensuring ‘on brand’ content that taps into trends on the platform.

“Producing creative content that will engage users on a new platform can be a real challenge – that’s why we created TikTok Takeaway. On behalf of brands, we work with a network of homegrown expert TikTok creators to produce creative TikTok video content that will make an impression on the platform, maximising reach and awareness and connecting brands with a whole new audience.”

Jolene Kelly, PR & Social Media Consultant at RNN Communications

TikTok Takeaway is here to make content creation as straightforward as possible for brands, offering a menu of content creation packages, with a three-tier service option and a range of additional support services.

Get in touch to find out how we can help you build your TikTok presence.

We are now operating in the era of purpose driven communications:

pur◦pose n.
- The reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.

PURPOSE will be a major factor for all businesses and organisations. It is time for brands and agencies to adapt.

Public Relations is one of the most effective ways to build a solid reputation for your business and let people know about it. Companies who invest in purposeful PR can see larger and better ROI.

When used effectively, PR can transform the profitability of a business, can help a business bounce back from times of crises and can create a community that believes in the need for that organisation. Doing PR effectively and with purpose is more than the reach of a Facebook post. It’s about how an organisation is contributing, communicating with its stakeholders, reaching new audiences, and helping businesses to deliver on their core goals.

So, post COVID-19 and post-lockdown, what will be the purpose of public relations in your business? How can your business and marketing be more purposeful?

Make it a difference, it matters.

“Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.”

John F.Kennedy