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Public Relations (PR) involves managing the communication between an organisation and its audience. It can enhance brand visibility, reputation, and engagement. Learn how our PR company in Northern Ireland and Ireland can benefit your business by contacting us for a complimentary consultation.
PR success can be measured through various metrics like media coverage, audience engagement, and brand sentiment. Ultimately goals are discussed at the outset of campaigns and measurement strategies agreed. Discover the metrics that matter by exploring our measurement strategies.
PR is valuable for businesses of all sizes and industries. Find out if it's right for your specific needs by getting in touch with our PR experts.
Yes, we operate seamlessly in both Northern Ireland (NI) and the Republic of Ireland (ROI). We also work in Europe and on regional campaigns throughout the UK. Learn more about our geographical services by contacting us.
PR plays a crucial role in employer branding and talent attraction. Discover the impact of PR on attracting top talent by exploring our services.
Influencer marketing can benefit various industries. Learn if it's suitable for your business by discussing your goals with our influencer marketing team.
PR can enhance your Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) communication strategies. Explore the role of PR in ESG by connecting with us.
We offer a wide range of services, including media relations, crisis management, influencer marketing, and more. We tailor campaigns to the delivery of clients’ goals. Explore our full suite of services here.
Yes, we specialise in social media strategy and implementation across various platforms, including TikTok. Discover RNN Communications and how we can boost your social presence by contacting our team.
While we don't specialise in SEO and PPC, we collaborate with trusted partners to ensure your digital strategy aligns seamlessly. Learn more about RNN and our digital offerings by reaching out.

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