RNN Green, our renewables division, specialises in PR and communications for companies operating within the eco arena.

From pan-European educational campaigns to product launches and stakeholder engagement @RNNGreen delivers campaigns that have the green edge, effectively contributing to ESG goals

Our Services

Media Relations - Ireland, UK, European
Forge impactful connections with the media across Ireland, the UK, and Europe, ensuring your sustainable initiatives reach a broad and engaged audience.
Specialist knowledge
Leverage our expertise in the eco arena to communicate your brand's unique contributions, innovations, and commitments to sustainability.
Product Launches
Unveil your green innovations with compelling product launches that captivate your audience and showcase your commitment to a sustainable future.
Trade Media
Gain visibility within specialised trade media to reach key stakeholders and decision-makers within the sustainability sector.
Information and Education Campaigns
Educate and inform your audience through comprehensive campaigns that not only raise awareness but also empower individuals to make eco-conscious choices.
Stakeholder Management
Cultivate positive relationships with stakeholders, ensuring that your sustainability initiatives are communicated effectively and align with stakeholder expectations.
Position your brand as a leader in sustainability by participating in and winning prestigious awards that recognise your commitment to environmental stewardship.
Campaign measurement
Quantify the impact of your sustainability campaigns with robust measurement tools, providing valuable insights into the success and reach of your initiative.

Discover how RNN Green can make your brand eco-forward.


Why Choose RNN Communications

Passionate Partnerships

We believe in partnerships, not just projects. When you choose RNN, you're selecting a PR consultancy with a team of passionate professionals committed to going above and beyond for every client. We see our success tied to yours, making every collaboration a true win-win.

Regional Expertise

Our integrated agency, operating seamlessly in Northern Ireland (NI) and Ireland (ROI), brings a unique understanding of both territories. Whether executing independent campaigns or maximising budgets for cross-border brands, we ensure quality, consistency and cut-through in every market.

Flexibility in Action

Adaptability is at our core. From flexible working structures to tailored billing solutions, our PR consultancy services possess flexibility that aligns with the diverse needs of our clients. We're not stuck in our ways; we're dynamic and responsive to what works best for your business.

Industry Recognition

Our work speaks volumes, recognised and celebrated by industry experts and professional bodies. Both our agency and campaigns have received accolades for their brilliance, a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence…always!

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