Authentic Fetch Ireland

Did you know that we have a sister company called fetch Ireland?
We own fetch Ireland, fetch is Ireland’s fastest-growing database of micro-influencers, spanning multiple areas of interest.

At Fetch Ireland, we matchmake brands with influencers to create authentic influencer campaigns that elevate brands and raise influencer profiles.

Our Services

Matchmaking Brands with Influencers
We specialise in the art of pairing brands with the perfect influencers, ensuring seamless collaborations that resonate authentically with your audience.
Authentic Influencer Campaigns
Craft compelling campaigns driven by genuine connections between influencers and brands, fostering authentic engagement and resonance.
Offering Products, Experiences, or Services in Exchange for Exposure
Facilitate mutually beneficial partnerships where brands offer products, experiences, or services to influencers in exchange for exposure that aligns with their audience.
Handpicking Influencers from Our Extensive Network
Leverage our extensive network of micro-influencers, meticulously selected to match your brand’s values, voice, and target audience.
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Why Choose RNN Communications

Passionate Partnerships

We believe in partnerships, not just projects. When you choose RNN, you're selecting a PR consultancy with a team of passionate professionals committed to going above and beyond for every client. We see our success tied to yours, making every collaboration a true win-win.

Regional Expertise

Our integrated agency, operating seamlessly in Northern Ireland (NI) and Ireland (ROI), brings a unique understanding of both territories. Whether executing independent campaigns or maximising budgets for cross-border brands, we ensure quality, consistency and cut-through in every market.

Flexibility in Action

Adaptability is at our core. From flexible working structures to tailored billing solutions, our PR consultancy services possess flexibility that aligns with the diverse needs of our clients. We're not stuck in our ways; we're dynamic and responsive to what works best for your business.

Industry Recognition

Our work speaks volumes, recognised and celebrated by industry experts and professional bodies. Both our agency and campaigns have received accolades for their brilliance, a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence…always!

Choose Fetch Ireland for Authentic Influencer Campaigns

Trust Fetch Ireland to help you forge genuine connections and drive meaningful engagement with your audience.