RNN AI Charter

This AI charter has been introduced to ensure that we use artificial intelligence ethically and responsibly within our PR Agency and that we are open, honest and transparent about when and how we use it. We understand that going forward AI could prove beneficial to our company, improving our efficiency, but only if used appropriately.

At RNN, the team commits to:

  1. We will learn about the AI tools and technologies used within the PR industry and ensure that we complete appropriate training in using any technologies that we introduce into our company. New AI tools will continue to become available as technology develops, so we will ensure that we stay up to date with new technologies, continue with CPD training on AI and encourage ongoing learning to ensure best practice. Any introduction of a new AI tool into the company must first be authorised by the company Director and tools will be reviewed on a regular basis.

2. Ethical considerations and risk prevention will always be at the forefront for us when utilising an AI tool. We will always be cautious in our approach to AI.

  • We will ensure that we are open and transparent on all AI usage (at any stage of the process from generating ideas to research and creating content). If we use any content generated by AI, we will clearly state this.
  • We will also thoroughly check and research the source of any information generated by AI to ensure that it is accurate. We will never use unsubstantiated copy that’s potentially biased or misleading.
  • We will not use any images generated by AI in any of our client projects.
  • As a PR agency, it is our responsibility to create original ideas and content for our clients, we will not risk copyright infringement / plagiarism issues that could impact the reputation of our clients or our company.
  • We will always respect privacy. The privacy of our own company and that of our clients. We will ensure that no confidential/ private information of any kind is put into any AI tool. We do not know who will see or use this information.  

3. At RNN, we request that our clients disclose to us if any of their feedback and amendments to agency work has been generated or suggested by AI tools.

4. We will openly share information to our clients on what AI tools we use in our company, should the client request it.

5. Accountability – It is the responsibility of all staff within the company to comply with this AI policy. Any violations of the AI policy will be addressed promptly and appropriately. Non-compliance may result in disciplinary actions, including but not limited to additional training, formal warnings, or other measures deemed necessary to ensure adherence to the policy. Regular audits and reviews will be conducted to ensure compliance and to identify any areas for improvement. It is essential that all employees understand their role in upholding these standards and actively participate in maintaining the ethical use of AI within the organisation.

6. This policy will be reviewed and revised annually to ensure it is up to date with best practice advice and the development of new technologies.

Full disclosure – we have used AI to assist us with this AI Policy.

June 2024

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