RNN’s PR Radar: Measure your PR Efforts

Curious about your business / organisation's readiness for PR? Wondering about the performance of your communication efforts and if there's potential for further growth? Dive into these 15 rapid-fire questions designed to gauge and evaluate your PR effectiveness instantly.

1. Does your company have clearly defined short-term and long-term goals, and has this been translated into clearly defined PR objectives aligned with the business’s goals?
2. Brand Awareness: How well is your brand currently known in your target market?
3. Current PR Efforts: Are you currently implementing any PR strategies or tactics?
4. Has your company conducted a thorough analysis of its stakeholders, including target audience(s) and their communication preferences?
5. Are there established channels for internal and external stakeholders? E.g. company newsletters, employee comms, social media channels?
6. Is your brand messaging and positioning well-defined and consistent across all channels?
7. Are you effectively utilising social media platforms to engage with your target audience and amplify your messaging? Is there a plan in place?
8. Does your company have a designated person /team who is responsible for overseeing your marketing and/or PR efforts?
9. Is there a budget allocated specifically for communication activities?
10. Have you identified and cultivated relationships with key media contacts relevant to your industry?
11. Do you actively seek and leverage opportunities for earned media coverage, such as press releases, interviews, or guest contributions?
12. Do you have a clear and compelling unique selling proposition?
13. What are your current business growth goals?
14. Do you have a crisis communication plan in place to address potential reputational risks?
15. Are you regularly measuring and evaluating the effectiveness of your PR efforts using key performance indicators (KPIs)?
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