The Brief

Fisherman's Friend Ireland sought to maximize brand exposure and engagement by partnering with Run A Muck, Ireland's premier mud run event, for the fourth consecutive year in March 2024. The objective was to leverage this partnership to connect with an active audience, reinforce brand values, and introduce the brand to new consumers.


The Solution

  • Engaged compatible influencer to amplify brand messaging and reach a broader audience.
  • Executed a pre-event campaign with social media competitions and influencer partnerships.
  • Highlighted consistent brand messaging across social platforms and event location to reinforce brand identity.
  • Implemented a multi-channel approach to maximize campaign effectiveness and audience engagement.

The Outcome

  • Significantly increased brand visibility and recognition within the target demographic.
  • Fostered connections with consumers through engagement and interaction.
  • Achieved measurable growth in social media following and audience engagement metrics.
  • Established a solid foundation for future brand activations and partnerships.

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