Reflecting on an insightful day spent at our Vision, Mission & Culture workshop led by the incredible Peter Magee from Action Coach, Bangor. The experience was an exploration of the elements that shape our path ahead here at RNN Comms.

Vision: We gazed into the future and created a vision that pulls us towards success. This will keep us focused and motivated, no matter the challenges!

Mission: With a clear vision in mind, we mapped out our mission – a goal that paves the way to realising our aspirations. It's all about the how – the strategies, the actions, and the pursuit of excellence.

Culture: Perhaps the most fun part was cultivating the culture that will accompany us on this journey. We're not just a PR company, we're a team bound by shared values, trust, and a collective commitment to growth!

As we all left the workshop, we felt a sense of purpose and enthusiasm. Time to apply what we have learnt and push ourselves towards success!

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