In today's competitive business landscape, establishing a strong presence and maintaining a positive reputation are paramount to success. PR serves as the foundation for fostering meaningful connections between your brand and its audience. At RNN Communications, we understand the pivotal role PR plays in shaping brand perception and driving growth.

What is PR? PR is managing how others see and feel about a person, brand, or company.  It can go beyond publicity, it's about cultivating relationships, managing crises, and enhancing brand credibility.

Here's how PR can benefit your business or brand:

Enhanced Brand Visibility: Through targeted PR campaigns, your brand can gain exposure across various media outlets, reaching a wider audience. By securing media coverage, crafting compelling press releases, and leveraging social media platforms, PR can amplify your brand's visibility and presence.

Build Trust and Credibility: PR helps position your brand as an authority in your industry, fostering credibility and consumer confidence. By effectively communicating your brand's values, achievements, and commitments, you can cultivate belief among your target audience.

Reputation Management: A well-executed PR strategy can help ease reputational risks and manage crises effectively. Through proactive media relations, stakeholder engagement, and strategic messaging, PR can safeguard your brand's reputation.

Drive Engagement and Brand Loyalty: PR efforts can facilitate meaningful interactions with your audience, nurturing engagement, and brand loyalty. By sharing compelling press releases, responding to feedback, and engaging in conversations, you can forge deeper connections with your customers and cultivate brand advocates.

Support Business Goals: Ultimately, PR aligns with your broader business objectives, whether it's increasing sales, launching new products, or expanding into new markets. By integrating PR into your overall marketing and communications strategy, you can amplify your efforts and achieve tangible results.

At RNN Communications, we're committed to helping your brand thrive. With our expertise in strategic PR planning, media relations, and content creation, we can elevate your brand to new heights.

In conclusion, investing in PR is not just about managing perceptions; it's about strategically positioning your brand for long-term success.

In an era where corporate responsibility is under the spotlight, Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations have become pivotal for businesses aiming to thrive in the long term. As companies navigate the complex landscape of sustainability and responsible business practices, Public Relations (PR) emerges as a crucial ally in shaping and enhancing their ESG communication strategies.

Understanding ESG: A Holistic Approach

Before discussing the role of PR in ESG, it's essential to understand the three pillars that constitute ‘ESG’:

Environmental (E): Focuses on a company's impact on the planet, including its carbon footprint, resource consumption, and commitment to sustainable practices.

Social (S): Addresses a company's engagement with its communities, employees, and stakeholders, emphasising diversity and inclusion, and its contribution to society.

Governance (G): Encompasses the internal structures and practices that guide a company's decision-making, ensuring transparency, accountability, and ethical leadership.

The PR Professional's Toolkit for ESG Success

Crafting compelling narratives:

PR professionals are adept at storytelling, and in the realm of ESG, this skill is invaluable. Crafting narratives that resonate with stakeholders, emphasising a company's commitment to sustainability, ethical practices, and social impact, builds trust and credibility.

Building reputation and trust:

In the ESG landscape, reputation is everything. PR plays a pivotal role in enhancing a company's reputation by highlighting its efforts in environmental conservation, social responsibility, and ethical governance. Transparent communication fosters trust among stakeholders, creating a positive perception of the company.

Navigating crisis communication:

ESG-related crises can be detrimental to a company's image. PR professionals are equipped to handle crises effectively, mitigating damage and guiding the narrative towards a constructive resolution. Proactive communication during challenging times reinforces a company's commitment to addressing and rectifying issues.

Stakeholder Engagement:

PR facilitates meaningful engagement with stakeholders, including investors, customers, employees, and communities. By effectively communicating ESG initiatives, companies can align their values with those of their stakeholders, fostering long-term relationships and loyalty. Additionally, PR professionals excel in identifying and managing partnerships and sponsorships with charities and organisations that share a company's values. Through strategic collaboration, PR companies ensure these alliances are maximised for the benefit of all parties, creating partnership that contributes to lasting positive change.

Amplifying Impactful Initiatives:

PR serves as a megaphone for a company's impactful ESG initiatives. Whether it's achieving carbon neutrality, implementing diversity and inclusion programs, or strengthening governance structures, PR ensures that these efforts are not only recognised but also celebrated, contributing to a positive brand image.

Educating Internal and External Audiences:

PR professionals play a crucial role in educating both internal and external audiences about the importance of ESG. By providing clear, accessible information about a company's sustainability goals, ethical practices, and governance principles, PR helps create a more informed and supportive community.

Conclusion: PR's Role in Driving ESG Excellence

In the dynamic landscape of corporate responsibility, PR emerges as a strategic partner in shaping, promoting, and safeguarding a company's ESG initiatives. By leveraging their communication expertise, PR professionals contribute to the development of compelling narratives, the cultivation of trust, and the amplification of positive impacts, ultimately driving ESG excellence for clients. As businesses increasingly recognise the connection between PR and ESG, the collaboration between the two becomes a powerful force for positive change, paving the way for a sustainable and responsible future.

Hello readers,

I'm thrilled to share some exciting news with you all! It's hard to believe, but I've officially been a part of the RNN Communications family for one incredible year. What's even more exciting is that I've recently been promoted to the role of Senior PR Executive.

My journey with RNN Communications has been nothing short of amazing. From day one, I felt like part of a team that values creativity, dedication, and a passion for public relations. RNN is filled with inspiring professionals who have guided and encouraged me every step of the way.

Over the past year, I've had the privilege of working on some fun projects. From crafting compelling stories, building social media accounts, and devising innovative PR strategies have been at the core of my role. I've had the chance to work with clients who trust me to tell their stories and elevate their brands!

Now, in my new role of Senior PR Executive, I'm looking forward to even more responsibilities and to keep learning. Every day is a school day for me!

Big thanks to the rest of the team at RNN for being a part of this journey with me and of course to Riki. #girlboss.

Cheers to one year down and many more exciting years ahead, woo hoo!

We have announced our first wave of Development Awards for young people supported by The Prince’s Trust

Celebrating ten years in business, we are proud to be supporting The Prince’s Trust which will see young participants in Northern Ireland being granted Development Awards to help them to reach their full potential and pursue their passion. The Awards aim to help young people overcome financial barriers that might otherwise prevent them from accessing education, training or employment.

With a goal of funding ten Development Awards over the next two years, the first wave of funding will help six young people cover the cost of course fees, tools or equipment to help them achieve their goals. Our Director Riki Neill, has also committed to becoming a mentor with the charity.

When speaking about the relationship, Riki adds: “Over the past decade, RNN has provided job roles and opportunities for many team members, helping them to grow and fulfil their potential. In addition to creating epic campaigns, enriching the lives of others is super important to the team, and to me personally.

“Delivering award-winning, stellar work for clients is a given but that’s not enough. We’ve given to many charities over the years, supported numerous CSR campaigns, and provided pro bono support and consultancy, but to mark RNN’s ten-year anniversary, we really want to make a tangible difference to others. This is where the incredible work of The Prince’s Trust comes in.

“By funding Development Awards, we can specifically help to encourage others to follow their passion and foster the ambition and spark that we’re fortunate enough to enjoy every day at RNN.”

Adding her thoughts, Suzie McFarland, Youth Development Lead at The Prince’s Trust says: “Our Development Awards play a key part in helping young people take their passions further, leading to purpose, employment, training and more opportunities. This partnership with RNN will make a real difference to young people in Northern Ireland who are facing financial barriers. We are also delighted to have Riki’s support in our ambition to enable young people to live, learn, and earn.”

Riki adds: “Since day one, my focus has been on building a creative, positive and progressive agency culture. Marking ten years, I’m so honoured that both my first and second team members, Jolene Kelly and Jill McLernon, have grown and flourished with the business, and today, both Jolene and Jill play key roles in the success and growth of RNN.

“Our wider team includes some truly special and talented team members, and it’s our collective efforts that have ensured it’s been such a successful decade in business with so much more to come. We’re excited about growth, about our clients and new services, and what the future holds, and we’re focused on progress.”

The Prince’s Trust in Northern Ireland supports thousands of young people each year into jobs, education and training. The charity believes that every young person should have the chance to succeed, no matter what their background or the challenges they are facing. The Trust helps those aged 11-30 to build the confidence and skills to live, learn and earn.

Reflecting on an insightful day spent at our Vision, Mission & Culture workshop led by the incredible Peter Magee from Action Coach, Bangor. The experience was an exploration of the elements that shape our path ahead here at RNN Comms.

Vision: We gazed into the future and created a vision that pulls us towards success. This will keep us focused and motivated, no matter the challenges!

Mission: With a clear vision in mind, we mapped out our mission – a goal that paves the way to realising our aspirations. It's all about the how – the strategies, the actions, and the pursuit of excellence.

Culture: Perhaps the most fun part was cultivating the culture that will accompany us on this journey. We're not just a PR company, we're a team bound by shared values, trust, and a collective commitment to growth!

As we all left the workshop, we felt a sense of purpose and enthusiasm. Time to apply what we have learnt and push ourselves towards success!







This is just some of the figures from DFI Beds #TikTok account.

DFI Beds is Ireland’s largest online bedding retailer. With over twenty years in the online bedding business and the recent introduction of its first flagship store in Newry, DFI Beds understand the importance of high-quality products and great service at an affordable price.

Having built its business initially on Facebook, where the company grew it’s following to over 99k followers, Instagram closely followed where DFI Beds account now has just shy of 10k followers. We felt that TikTok was the logical next step for DFI Beds’ social media journey, and we offered our TikTok Takeaway service to help establish the brands presence online and produce creative and engaging content. Having always recognised the power of social media, DFI Beds were more than willing to give it a go and the results so far have been fantastic with the account showing steady growth and excellent engagement.

Here's how we’ve established DFI Beds’ presence on TikTok:

Creating engaging content: We started by creating engaging and informative content that would resonate with their target audience. On a regular basis, we capture content to use in the creation of short videos that exhibit the DFI Beds product range, promote the new store and showcase the benefits of using DFI beds and products, such as better sleep and improved quality of life.

Using trending hashtags, audio and templates: We researched trending hashtags related to their target audience and used them in their videos. This helped their content reach a wider audience and get more views. The use of high-quality audio and popular templates, has significantly increased the reach and profiling of all videos, allowing DFI Beds to engage with a wider audience and increase their chances of going viral. Some videos even reached over 104k views!

Collaborating with influencers: To reach a larger audience, we have undertaken collaborations with influencers to create and share content for the DFI Beds brand. These collaborations have helped to increase the reach and credibility of the DFI Beds brand, resulting in new followers and increased engagement.

Engaging with followers: We made sure to engage with the followers of the DFI Beds TikTok account by responding to comments and messages. This engagement has helped to build a loyal community around the brand.

Consistent posting: We post consistently on the DFI Beds TikTok page, at least twice a week. This has helped to keep followers engaged and interested in the content being shared.

By following these steps, we have grown the DFI Beds TikTok page from 0 to 1000 followers in just 12 weeks, with some views hitting over 100k. We were able to reach a younger demographic and expand their customer base, which helped to increase their revenue and brand recognition.

Want the same results? Email: to find out more about our Tik-Tok service. Oh and don’t forget to follow DFI Beds on Tik-tok @dfibeds.

(Do the prep, just like we do for clients!)