Social Media Audits

As a fully integrated PR & Communications agency, we deliver a wealth of services to clients in NI, Ireland and beyond. Each communications plan is bespoke. Following agreement on the communications strategy, we use a variety of tactics from our comms toolbox to meet clients’ requirements. Our toolbox is large and growing.

This month we’re focusing on a relatively new service, Social Media Audits.

What is it?

An in-depth analysis of the current performance of your social media channels and content, as well as conducting an overview of competitor presence on social media. We assess performance and content, identifying areas for improvement and opportunities to optimise communications on social media with a view to growing audience share and engagement with your target audience.

Why do it?

Utilising the information gained from the audit, we will deliver recommendations for social media activity moving forward, as well as new ideas on how to optimise comms on social media in order to grow your audience and increase engagement with customers and potential customers.

Each social media audit also contains specific suggestions, tailored to the objectives of each organisation, designed to help the audited organisation to take their social media communications to the next level, spreading their message to a wider audience and increasing engagement and sales (where applicable).

Social Media Audits can be a powerful resource, and in particular for in-house teams.
Don’t just take our word for it…

“RNN Social completed an excellent audit for our business’s social channels. This was much more than just analysing our accounts, and covered best practice, useful content creation tips, structures, measurement and actionable points. It’s been of great value to have experts cast their eyes over our efforts and make practical and informative recommendations on how we can improve further.

“Since receiving the deep dive audit, we have implemented many of the tips and tricks, and already noticed a greater level of engagement across our channels.” – Allison Matthews, Marketing, Thompsons Feeding Innovation.

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