At RNN Comms, we thrive on creating campaigns that make a real difference, and the Kingspan Kickstart Sports Fund is a prime example of this. With amateur athletes and sports clubs across the island of Ireland invited to apply for financial support, this fund, which offers up to €1,000/£850 per applicant and €2,500/£2,150 for sports groups per year, aims to help budding athletes achieve their goals.

Here are three reasons why we love working on this campaign:

1. Inspiring Stories from Recipients

One of the most rewarding aspects is hearing directly from the athletes and sports groups who have received funding. Each story is a testament to the power of support and the impact it can have on an athlete's journey.

From an aspiring ice-skater who used the funds to attend international competitions, to a horse-riding club that improved their facilities for young riders, and from fencers who could finally afford top-notch equipment to a weight lifter who was able to invest in purchasing analytic software and employing a personal coach - these stories are the heart and soul of the campaign. They remind us that our work goes beyond publicity; it’s about making dreams come true and supporting the next generation of sporting talent in Ireland.

2. Supporting Grassroots Sports and Making A Difference

The Kingspan Kickstart Sports Fund is about more than just financial aid; it’s about investing in the future of Irish sports. By supporting grassroots athletes and sports clubs, Kingspan is helping to build a strong foundation for future success. This initiative encourages community involvement, fosters local talent, and promotes a healthy, active lifestyle.

We love and take pride in being part of a campaign that contributes to the development of good, and in this case, it’s gratifying to see how the fund helps to remove financial barriers, enabling more individuals and clubs to participate in and excel at their chosen sports.

Whether it's purchasing new equipment, funding specialised training, or upgrading facilities, the fund’s contributions have a lasting and positive effect on the athletes and their communities.

3. The Power of a Sporting Icon

Having a sporting icon, or a well-known name to front any campaign can help to drive greater awareness, as well as adding a layer of credibility and inspiration, and in this case having Johnny Sexton on board as an ambassador does all of the above – it also made for a fun photocall for Jill and Joanna who were lucky enough to be working on the campaign.

As one of Ireland’s most celebrated rugby players, Sexton embodies dedication, excellence, and the spirit of sportsmanship. His involvement not only attracts attention to the fund, highlighting the importance of grassroots support, but also inspires young athletes to ‘go for it’ and pursue their sporting dreams.


Applications for the Kingspan Kickstart Sports Fund are open year-round, with the next selection date for 2024 at the end of July – applications to be in by Friday 5th July.

To apply for the Fund, you must be an amateur athlete, sports club or sports facility open to the whole community and based on the island of Ireland. For more information or to apply, visit:

Here’s to many more years of supporting and celebrating the incredible talent that Ireland has to offer!

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