This is just some of the figures from DFI Beds #TikTok account.

DFI Beds is Ireland’s largest online bedding retailer. With over twenty years in the online bedding business and the recent introduction of its first flagship store in Newry, DFI Beds understand the importance of high-quality products and great service at an affordable price.

Having built its business initially on Facebook, where the company grew it’s following to over 99k followers, Instagram closely followed where DFI Beds account now has just shy of 10k followers. We felt that TikTok was the logical next step for DFI Beds’ social media journey, and we offered our TikTok Takeaway service to help establish the brands presence online and produce creative and engaging content. Having always recognised the power of social media, DFI Beds were more than willing to give it a go and the results so far have been fantastic with the account showing steady growth and excellent engagement.

Here's how we’ve established DFI Beds’ presence on TikTok:

Creating engaging content: We started by creating engaging and informative content that would resonate with their target audience. On a regular basis, we capture content to use in the creation of short videos that exhibit the DFI Beds product range, promote the new store and showcase the benefits of using DFI beds and products, such as better sleep and improved quality of life.

Using trending hashtags, audio and templates: We researched trending hashtags related to their target audience and used them in their videos. This helped their content reach a wider audience and get more views. The use of high-quality audio and popular templates, has significantly increased the reach and profiling of all videos, allowing DFI Beds to engage with a wider audience and increase their chances of going viral. Some videos even reached over 104k views!

Collaborating with influencers: To reach a larger audience, we have undertaken collaborations with influencers to create and share content for the DFI Beds brand. These collaborations have helped to increase the reach and credibility of the DFI Beds brand, resulting in new followers and increased engagement.

Engaging with followers: We made sure to engage with the followers of the DFI Beds TikTok account by responding to comments and messages. This engagement has helped to build a loyal community around the brand.

Consistent posting: We post consistently on the DFI Beds TikTok page, at least twice a week. This has helped to keep followers engaged and interested in the content being shared.

By following these steps, we have grown the DFI Beds TikTok page from 0 to 1000 followers in just 12 weeks, with some views hitting over 100k. We were able to reach a younger demographic and expand their customer base, which helped to increase their revenue and brand recognition.

Want the same results? Email: tara@rnncommunications.com to find out more about our Tik-Tok service. Oh and don’t forget to follow DFI Beds on Tik-tok @dfibeds.

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