A special sponsorship


  • Build trust in the ‘Gala’ brand
  • Associate Gala with a ‘property’ that would deliver awareness for the brand on a national stage and reinforce its ‘community’ ethos

The Challenge:

  • Very buoyant sponsorship market in Ireland
  • Competitive nature of the convenience landscape and competitors’ associations
  • Budget, in comparison to high-levels of spend of competitors


*WINNER: Best Sponsorship by a Retail Group at the FMCG Awards (2015)

• The partnership between Gala Retail and Special Olympics has grown, with the Gala Retail now a major supporter of Special Olympics Ireland for four years (2016 – 2019)

• Part funding for 88 Special Olympics athletes travel to the World Summer Games

• Entire Gala Group engagement from 200 stores

• Media reach of 4 million, 50+ pieces of coverage that specifically mentioned Gala and its association.

• 20,000 entries for in-store competition

  • 1 in 3 Gala shoppers know of athletes, athletes’ family members or volunteers who are associated with Special Olympics Ireland
  • 85% of Gala shoppers were aware of Gala’s sponsorship of Team Ireland / involvement with Special Olympics
  • 100% of shoppers voted Gala’s sponsorship as a ‘Excellent (70%)’, ‘Very Good’ or ‘Good’