Fishermans Friend Ireland



  • To develop a social media presence for Fisherman’s Friend in Ireland with a view to increasing awareness of the brand and reach of brand messaging

The challenge

Our challenge was to create and grow a Facebook page for the Fisherman’s Friend brand in Ireland, starting from zero. With a target audience of Irish males, aged 45+, the challenge was creating relevant and engaging content that would deliver on growth, reach and engagement figures for the brand and to maintain steady page growth with a modest advertising budget and a niche target audience. We elected to meet these goals by developing online content that stayed true to the brands values of strength and friendship and developing offline activities that reflected these values and provided content and engagement on the brand Facebook page.



  • Page growth from 0 – 8,072 Likes over a 32-month period
  • Content has generated >150,000 user engagements
  • Fisherman’s Friend messaging has reached almost 1 million users
  • Facebook audience continues to increase steadily year on year
  • Creation of Fisherman’s Friend ‘Search for Ireland’s Greatest Friendship’ in association with the Irish Farmer’s Journal – An annual Ireland-wide competition and awards event that has taken place in 2018 and 2019. This generated additional visual and video content for the Facebook page which increased engagement.
  • Creation of the Fisherman’s Friend ‘Shed Series’, an all-Ireland competition and awards event focused on craftsmanship and strength in friendship which was run in association with the Irish Men’s Shed Association which took place in 2016 and 2017.
“I engaged RNN on a number of brand initiatives and the team have been a pleasure to deal with. They work hard to deliver the brief and do so in a very enthusiastic and positive manner. Creative and results focused, RNN adds value with innovative solutions delivering beyond expectations, while keeping a keen eye on budgets.”
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Evelyn McLoughlin

formerly Senior Brand Manager, Valeo Foods