Bottomless Brunch

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Think eggs, avocado, endless Prosecco and mimosas galore...


  • Launch first Bottomless Brunch in NI for Horatio Todds
  • Use the launch to reposition Horatio’s as the place to go at the weekend

The Challenge:

  • Commercial message
  • Caution on messaging, careful not to promote excessive drinking
  • Target media to reach females aged 25+ to ensure quality audience


  • Re-created an iconic image with one of NI’s biggest bloggers to launch the initiative and tap into the online influencer community
  • Over 2 million opportunities to see/hear Horatio Todds’ Bottomless Brunch message
  • Belfast Live featured the story, resulting in 2,500 shares and a reach of plus 300,000
  • 30 influencers attended the first Bottomless Brunch event
  • Following the early July launch, Bottomless Brunch at Horatio Todd’s was almost entirely booked out within two-weeks of launch for the summer
  • Bottomless Brunch at Horatio Todd’s is still running– almost one year post-launch
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“This idea was just brilliant. A simple but smart concept that appealed to our target audience, delivered masses of coverage and ultimately resulted in a huge volume of bookings for the first-ever Bottomless Brunch in Northern Ireland. Our very own Bottomless Brunch image didn’t quite ‘break the internet’ but it did put Horatio Todds front and centre, and generated ‘talkability’ that has resulted in an uplift in business. And, Bottomless Brunch at Horatio Todd's still continues today!”
Horatio Todds Outside

Stephen Magorrian

Managing Director, Horatio Group