Jill McLernon

Account Director

Jill McLernon
Seriously organised, Jill juggles multiple accounts and events, all whilst looking pretty serene (our very own swan!).

Working on integrated campaigns, Jill delivers innovative campaigns for clients in NI and ROI. She heads up the agency’s foodservice, hospitality and food & drink clients, and has a wealth of experience in executing campaigns for renewables clients. CATEX, IFEX, Belfast Wine School, The Horatio Group and Glen Dimplex are just some of the clients that Jill has delivered big results for.

With a brimming black book full of media, sponsorship, influencer and blogger contacts, Jill’s the girl we task with organising all of our events!

Jill’s a lady who gets results for clients through her savvy commercial filter, and her adventurous spirit is reflected in many of our client campaigns.

Advanced Dip in Management Practice | BSc Hons in Communications with PR.

😇 FOOD HEAVEN: Pineapple lumps (if you know, you know!), beetroot, spring rolls

👿 FOOD HELL: Liquorish or aniseed