Youtube viewers are going green

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Sustainable hauls, zero-waste swaps and houseplant tours are on the rise

Eco-friendly brands and ‘clean’ products have been gaining traction with consumers who are changing their buying habits in a bid to live a more sustainable life, so it isn’t a massive surprise that the number of people searching ‘sustainable’ on the world’s leading video platform – YouTube - is also rising.

Last year, YouTube witnessed a 190% increase in uploaded videos that contained the word ‘sustainable’ with viewers now using the video sharing platform to educate themselves and share information on living a ‘greener’ life.

Zero-waste swaps, alternatives to plastic, top tips for keeping ‘on trend’ houseplants and ethical buys, are just a selection of the new types of video that we are seeing crop up on YouTube.

So, how can your brand create content that will appeal to sustainably minded consumers?

Ditching Fast Fashion

Brands with a sustainable backstory should tell it! Fashion-lovers who shop ethically want to know where their purchase came from, how it was produced, and was it done ethically?

Popular ‘fashion haul’ videos allow just this. Viewers can learn where their clothes came from, how to build a capsule wardrobe that won’t need replacing every season and how to find outfits at thrift stores.

And brands can (and have) got in on this trend…. Globally renowned sports brand Adidas produced an explainer video that told the production story of their range of environmentally friendly sneakers while fair trade fashion brand People Tree explored behind the scenes of their factory in India and their production of their organic cotton dresses.

Clean Beauty

YouTube is brimming with beauty content— But just as with fashion, beauty lovers on YouTube are starting to care more about what goes into the creams, powders and lotions they’re using.

So, if you are a beauty influencer with a green conscious or a ‘clean beauty’ brand, making your voice heard on YouTube has become a lot easier simply by having an #EthicalApproach.

Take leading YouTuber, Allana Davison. She is bringing more ethically sourced and ‘clean’ products to her viewers, and by using click-bait titles such as ‘Full Face Using 100% Clean Beauty’ ensures her videos get the ‘clicks’ she is after.

A recent survey showed 7x increase in monthly views of videos with ‘clean beauty’ in the title

These new types of videos and the rising interest in sustainability highlight new consumer behaviours that are likely here to stay. People are going green in big ways and small, and it’s all playing out on YouTube.