Why You should be using Podcasts as a PR Tool

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Why You should be using Podcasts as a PR Tool

PR trends are everchanging, and right now, podcasts are taking the industry by storm with many brands, companies and influencers hopping on board the podcasting train… and for very good reason. So, if you are unsure if you should include podcasts in your PR plan, sit back, grab a cuppa and read on because we have a list of reasons for you!

Podcasts are a fantastic medium to get your message out into the world, so we’ve put together a quick list of best practices for tapping into the power of podcasts.

1. Getting your message out there

Podcasts provide a forum to voice your thoughts and messages. Unlike advertising, consumers willingly tune in and listen to podcasts, which means they already have an interest in who you are or what you are saying!

So take advantage of the fact that you now have a captive audience and make sure the message you are communicating is clear, and, well, try to be enthusiastic about it- no one likes listening to someone speaking in a monotone!

2. Podcasts are becoming VERY popular

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In a blink of an eye, podcasts became the new trend in the market, which is why many brands and agencies are finding creative ways to tap into it. According to Statista, there are 21.2 million podcast listeners in the UK, 40% of whom are aged between 25 and 35. That is an entire demographic of potential customers or clients that are only a tap away.

3. It’s Easy

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Between smartphones, Air Pods, Alexa and whatever other savvy tech you have at home, there are limitless ways to listen to a podcast. Thanks to podcast versatility and availability online, it has become very popular. A survey conducted in the UK revealed that most Britons listen to podcasts whilst commuting. At RNN Communications, we have employees that enjoy listening to podcasts while cleaning, working out and cooking.

4. Everyone else is doing it

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Okay, I am not in any way suggesting that you should just copy what everyone else is doing all the time, but I am sure you have done enough research to know the benefits of incorporating podcasts into your strategy. It is becoming more popular and competitive for a reason- because clients are seeing results! According to Statista, almost £50 million was spent on Podcast advertising in 2021!

5. You can find your people

One of my personal favourite reasons for including podcasts in a PR strategy is that it is super targeted. Whatever industry your client is in, however big or small their topic is, there will most likely be a podcast out there for them or a market for them to produce their podcast. Whether they are a guest on a podcast or creating their show, it is an incredible opportunity for valuable exposure.

6. It lives forever

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Unlike some forms of media, podcasts live forever and people can find and consume the content weeks, months or even years after it was first published. This means, the content continues to work for you and possibly generates new content for you, or your client, (even after the campaign has wrapped up) through links, references, word of mouth or even used as educational resources.

7. The Control

Working in Public Relations, we all become a little bit controlling…. for good reason! Saying the wrong thing can result in a full-blown crisis… or worse… you can become a meme! The good thing about podcasts is that you can prepare, record, edit and re-record as you please. Episodes are not normally live-streamed and the client has a platform to discuss and share their expertise on a topic. Once the episode is published, there is a great opportunity for user-generated content and word-of-mouth for increased exposure.

8. It’s easier to produce than you think

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As if it wasn’t easy enough already, we have a client that owns podcast studios here in Northern Ireland. Our client’s studio is fully equipped with state-of-the-art recording equipment and their experienced staff takes care of the recording, editing and publishing of the podcast, leaving you more time to focus on the content.

If you are interested in incorporating podcasts into your PR or Communications strategy, get in touch with us!