Why it pays to invest in your brand


What’s a brand anyhow? It’s much more than a name and a logo. A brand defines your organisation, it’s the perception of your company by everyone with whom it comes into contact with, from employees, to the media, clients and potential clients.

A brand represents your business – it’s built upon your company’s image, how you do business, your company values and your company culture. A good brand takes investment, both in terms of monetary investment and time, and it continues to evolve with an organisation.

Even as a small company, we recognise the importance of our brand at RNN Comms. Our company brand is extremely important to our business and that’s why we punch above our weight in terms of branding.

We’ve recently spent a considerable sum in continuing to grow our brand. This has included a refreshed logo, a new (and very cool) website, a blogger sponsorship with a glossy magazine and a new look for our office.

We’re in the PR game so our image is very important. The value of ‘the brand’ isn’t lost on us and that’s why we decided to put our money where our mouth is.

We now have a glossy, stylish new office interior that fits our company ethos (and is complete with four abstract heads!), a website that we’re proud of and a sponsorship that we work to amplify each and every month.

So, you may not be able to hold, touch or feel our brand, but brands are perceptions, therefore it’s our value, and one that we hold very dear. Brands are precious, treat yours with TLC and invest in its growth…it’s an investment that will pay off.