Upping our green game in 2020

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Here at RNN Communications we are passionate about playing our role in creating a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future for everyone. Based in an eco-office overlooking the stunning Mourne Mountains, we not only talk green, but we walk green too. While researching more ways in which we can become more eco-friendly, we learned that we already tick many of the boxes

  • Make use of natural light
  • Turn off electronics i.e. computers etc when not in use
  • Office plants
  • Encourage green commuting, including working from home
  • Use heating at correct level and only when required
  • Use keep cups and reusable water bottles (we even have our own RNN Bottles)

Although we already do a lot that a small business can do to become greener, sometimes little things slip through the net – like a quick stop at a coffee shop without a keep cup – so this year we are making three pledges to continue to maintain practising what we preach.

Reduce the use of single use plastics and papers

One of our mains aims this year is to try harder to reduce our use of single use items in the office. By using keep cups when we make a quick coffee stop or using tablets/laptops in meetings to reduce unnecessary printing, we will be taking small but major steps towards our overall aims.

Sustainable products

As the world around us becomes more environmentally aware of the damage that has been done to the earth, more and more businesses are producing eco-friendly and sustainable products. This year, we’re going to commit to purchasing more environmentally friendly products. From recycled paper products and eco-friendly pens to solar USB chargers and staple free staplers, we’re going to make conscious choices before we buy.

Become Carbon Neutral verified

In 2019 we calculated our carbon footprint and offset it through a project administered by Carbon Footprint Ltd and this year we are going to go a step further and become carbon neutral verified. Through third party audits conducted by Carbon Footprint Ltd we will invest in further green projects and sustain our Carbon Neutrality.

At RNN Communications, we believe that if every small business (or large) took similar steps in becoming more environmentally-friendly then the overall impact on slowing down the damage that has already been done to our world could really make a difference.