THE RNN Comms Quick Read – Who, What and Where we are talking about this week.

Derry Girls, Halloween Costumes and a Renewable Energy Event... This week really is a little something for everyone!

WHO: Did you love Derry Girls?

Well good news as it is set to return to our screens in the not so distant future!!

And make sure to keep your eyes peeled for some local South Down locations in the new series as Jolene spotted filming on her way to work and today we spotted the news in the local papers 🎥🎬🎥

WHAT: With one week to go have you got your Halloween costume sorted? 🎃🦇🎃

Do you like to go all out with your costume? Are you a 'shop bought costume' kind of person or a 'made at home' costume designer?

If you are still looking for ideas, well then look no further (or maybe do... 🙈) but these knock-off Halloween outfits definitely had us laughing ... A-lad-in … Aladdin 😊

WHERE: Energy Now Expo Ireland 2018

Energy Now Expo Ireland takes place in Kilkenny on 24th and 25th October and is a ‘must-attend’ event for visitors who want to learn more about sustainable technologies and how they can maximise natural resources by introducing new and progressive renewable technologies.