THE RNN Comms Quick Read – Who, What and Where we are talking about this week.

Black Tie Events, Award Ceremonies and Augmented Reality – This week’s WWW is filled with glitz and glam!


Trackars Healthcare principally deliver services to Health Trusts and providers with competent and confident staff to fulfil acute settings.

This Saturday they are holding a fundraising event to raise proceeds for charity partner Suicide down to Zero.

The ‘Big Apple’ Gala Ball will take place on Saturday 20th October at the Millbrook Lodge Hotel, Ballynahinch and will be hosted by TV and radio personality, Frank Mitchell.


Augmented Reality or AR can be broadly defined as any video or 3D augmentation overlaid on a screen that is used to view the real world. It is most commonly via a smartphone camera and was the technology behind the Pokémon Go craze!!

It is now increasingly being used to improve tourism experiences and opening a variety of interactive opportunities for businesses.

On Wednesday 18th October, Digital NMD held a successful event Exploring Augmented Reality for the Hospitality & Tourism Industry in the newly opened Montalto Estate, Ballynahinch with attendance from over 50 delegates and local businesses.


Outfit sorted and now it is time to party!!

This Friday night we are heading to the CIPR Awards in the Culloden Hotel, Holywood, where we have been shortlisted for all three categories that we entered!!