The gift of giving …why it’s good to give

One of the most enjoyable parts of PR & Comms is working with our clients to deliver incredible charity partnerships that deliver for both charities and our clients. CSR is good for business, it’s great in terms of helping charities to raise vital funds and it can play a central role in team building.

We’ve worked with so many incredible charities over the years on behalf of our clients and every single time the return is much more that ever planned at the outset. Organisations such as Special Olympics Ireland, Air Ambulance NI and Cycle Against Suicide are working to the benefit of many in our communities…their work benefits us all – our employees, customers, family and friends.

But does it make commercial sense? YES, YES, YES!

A strategic CSR programme, planned, well executed and promoted can deliver across many key business functions. From attracting to new talent and retaining employees, to encouraging team building and generating positive news stories, corporate social responsibility campaigns make sense. CSR campaigns can directly impact on your business’s reputation, drive loyalty within your customer base and become the point of brand differentiation - be the reason why a customer chooses your company / service over another.

We’re huge advocates of incorporating CSR into a client’s communications programme but if this is new territory for your business, think wisely before committing – fail to plan, plan to fail. Consider which charity fits with your brand, survey employees to see what causes matter to them most (secure buy in at the outset), create a steering committee and allocate resources, and importantly, be realistic on your target. Charity campaigns take effort and resources but when you get it right, it’s a win, win for all.