Are you interested in joining our team but unsure about what to expect? Look no further!

We asked our team to answer some questions and share insights on life at RNN Comms.

Hear directly from us as we share our experience and the things we love most about working here.

Starting with Nicola Mulligan, Account Manager.

What do you love about RNN?

There are a number of things I love about RNN Comms namely the team, who are a passionate, friendly, dynamic and innovative bunch that always go the extra mile for our clients. The four-day working week is also a huge bonus as it allows for more of a work life balance, which is essential when working in a fast-paced environment like PR / Comms. Additionally, I love working in an office that is beautifully decorated and almost has a character of its own, which RNN HQ has in spades.

What makes RNN special?

RNN Comms is an industry leader, both in terms of the dedicated and talented staff that are part of it, and also the wide breadth of clients that it represents.

Why did you chose to work here?

RNN Comms places great emphasis on professional growth and development, which is vitally important, as the world of PR / Comms is constantly changing. For me, this culture was important to me as a young professional with an ambition to grow in my career.

Jolene Kelly, Account Director – PR & Social Media

Jolene, tell us what you love about the company…

There is a lot I love about RNN Comms – the culture, the energy, the diversity of the work and the vision and support of our director, Riki, which keeps us all fired up and moving forward with purpose.

What makes RNN special?

There’s never a dull moment, we celebrate our successes and learnings, we work hard, and we have fun while we do it! We work as a team – together we’re stronger, more effective and more successful and that shared sense of team is what makes RNN Comms special.

Why did you choose to work here?

The variety and scope of client types, activities and opportunities that I’ve worked with and experienced since I joined the RNN Comms team (>8 years ago), has meant that I have never once been bored in this role. Having worked in various marketing and comms roles previously, this was what set RNN Comms apart for me.

Jill McLernon, Account Director.

Jill, what do you love about RNN?

A dynamic team. I'm surrounded by talented, creative, and supportive individuals who make every day a pleasure (that’s right, everyday) We collaborate, inspire each other, and together get to create some really great campaigns and work with great people.

What makes RNN special?

Variety, Versatility & Exciting Clients: Working in PR means being exposed to a wide range of industries, clients, and projects. This diversity keeps things exciting, really no two days are the same, and gives me the unique opportunity to work with such a range of clients – from startups to family-run, non-profits to multinational, I get the opportunity to work on exciting campaigns that help shape public perception and make a real impact.

Why did you choose to work here?

Four-day week, need I say more…

If you live in NI and want to work in PR, come join our team!

Joanna Malone, Senior PR Executive.

Joanna, what do you love about RNN?

I love the variety of work that comes with the job. No two days are ever the same which keeps me motivated, and working with a diverse range of clients keeps my mind active. I am grateful to work in an organisation that really values progression and encourages growth through training programs and development!

What makes RNN special?

The culture at RNN is what truly sets it apart. The team here are creative, positive, and fun to work with. I genuinely enjoy coming to work as it’s just a great atmosphere!

Why did you choose to work here?

Firstly, the emphasis on fun and enjoyment in the workplace stood out to me. RNN understands the importance of work-life balance and offers a flexible schedule, including a four-day work week!

Tara Hamill, Digital PR Executive.

Tara, what do you love about RNN?

I deeply appreciate the culture at RNN. The entire team are exceptionally helpful, supportive, and knowledgeable. What I truly cherish is the continuous learning and acquisition of new skills that I experience on a regular basis.

What makes RNN special?

Nowhere compares to the exceptional experience I’ve had working at RNN Communications so far. It stands out as the most enjoyable, knowledgeable, understanding workplace I have ever encountered. Additionally, no Director can compare to the remarkable qualities of Riki. The culture and environment she has created is truly amazing.

Why did you choose to work here?

I recognised the opportunity to gain extensive knowledge by being employed in an agency. Also, RNN appreciates the significance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance and provides a flexible timetable that allows for a four-day work week.