Tackling the bigger issues, playing your part

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As today is #WorldMentalHealthDay brands, companies and organisations are shouting loud about mental health and how they are playing their part…and so they should! As a huge and growing societal issue, that’s not industry, gender or age specific, mental health affects us all.

Today @RNNComms we took time out to attend ‘#Listening…a mental health conference’ - we did this yes, but we could do more. I’ve just read about a worldwide communications agency’s efforts which include wearable monitors for staff that track heart-rate variability, steps and sleep, which in turn uses AI to provide personalised insights and solutions to reduce stress and improve well-being. Too much? Perhaps for some.

Global awareness days are of great benefit in shining a light on a specific cause however like all issues, mental health is a constant. We believe at RNN Comms that the team’s health and well-being comes first and foremost. A happy and focused team deliver impactful and results-driven campaigns….plus who wants to deal with grumpy and stressed PR people anyway! That’s why it’s our responsibility to go against the grain of agency culture, work hard but work smart, delivering a better work / life balance for everyone; this includes leaving the office when our job is done and being proud of what we’ve achieved rather than irritated by what we haven’t.

This is one of our values and one that’s engrained within the company culture. #WorldMentalHealthDay