Say ‘Halo’ to Brand Values

Aligned to our green values and @RNNGreen division, we’ve been looking at more sustainable brands and ways in which we can improve our processes to become more sustainable.

We love our coffee, and Nespresso has long been a favourite brand for the quality of its coffee and pods, and for its convenience. But…. we recently read that it reportedly takes up to 500 years to truly breakdown and recycle pods, so unsurprisingly, our coffees just didn’t taste that great anymore.

Enter Halo! , reportedly ‘the world’s best coffee in a way that’s best for the world’. 100% compostable paper capsules made from sugar cane and paper pulp. It’s more expensive but we’re sold. The green credentials of the brand supersede its price point, and by highlighting our contribution to the environment, we feel like it’s money well spent…and we’re happy to spend it!

This is how great brands are built - a USP that’s clear, consistent and strong, and that people ‘buy into’ regardless of what it costs. Take Kanye West’s Yeezy trainers for Adidas….the latest Yeezy 350 v2 sneakers (retailing at €220) closed Brown Thomas due to the swelling numbers of people queuing for the latest trainer – now viewed as the must-have trainer thanks to a slick design, limited editions, exclusivity, and importantly celebrity cred from Kanye and the Kardashians.

Anyhow, back to coffee. We’re now swooning over Halo. The coffee is superb, the packaging is super slick and the brand’s comms and language are on point (“It may take 2 seconds to tap down a stuck Halo, but we figured it’s better than the alternative capsule that takes up to 500 years to degrade.”)

What’s your brand’s USP? Do you live by your brand values? Check out for some coffee-fuelled inspiration