RNN Goes Live with Social TV

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As the demand for ‘mobile-ready’ content increases and social media channels’ preference for video-first content becomes ever-more dominant, a Co. Down based Communications agency, RNN Communications, has launched a new service, RNN Live.

Headed up by Agency Founder, Riki Neill, and Communications Manager, Jill McLernon, RNN Live marries quality and immediate video content with live reporting from events.

“Video-first is a reality for our clients, brands and consumers. Every day, millions of people watch video content on their social channels and there’s a huge demand for brands to create multiple pieces of original and compelling video content.

“Video can be expensive, and turnaround times are seldom within 24 hours unless paying a premium therefore RNN Live is our response to offering immediate, quality content, and social takeovers at a competitive cost,” comments Riki Neill, Founder of RNN Communications.

The company has partnered with videographer, Marcin Koscielny, and content producer and presenter, Natasha Mudi, to deliver RNN Live, which will include live interviews - presented by Natasha - social media takeovers, social videos for stories, promotional videos and post event videos.

“Capturing the essence of an event or experience, with beautifully shot video and in real time is what RNN Live is all about. We’re generating immediate and compelling content for brands which is more akin to TV reporting from an event…a compelling proposition for today’s ‘I-want-it-now’ consumers,” adds Marcin Koscielny.

Live reporting from events and social takeovers generate greater awareness, more reach and add to the anticipation for consumers, creating FOMO (fear of missing out). For clients, especially those in the events world, or who are delivering ‘experiences’ for their customers, it’s the ideal way to convey the excitement and energy of an event in real-time to potential visitors / customers.

Snapchat, Instagram Stories, IGTV and Facebook stories have all contributed to the massive explosion in video content which is expected to account for 80% of an internet traffic by the end of 2019.

“We’ve been trialling RNN Live since the last quarter of 2018 and have a number of events already ‘in the can’ including client events in both ROI and NI”, adds Jill McLernon, Communications Manager at RNN Communications.

“There’s already solid interest in this service from existing clients, however our RNN Live service is open to all companies who are interested in elevating their events or delivering video-first social media strategies. Bookings for 2019 include an International Women’s Day event in March and a European event in May.”

RNN Communications is an award-winning communications agency, delivering engaging and creative solutions for clients in Northern Ireland and Ireland. Further information can be found on RNN Live at www.RNNCommunications.com / 028 9521 3621 / @RNNComms