How to verify your Facebook business page

Have you ever wondered how brands on Facebook get that coveted ‘blue tick’ beside their name?

The blue tick associated with social media profiles has become synonymous with authenticity and trust when it comes to brands. Simply put, users know that if a business page or account has a blue tick beside its name then it’s verified, which means it’s the real deal.

Benefits of verifying your Facebook page:

  • The blue tick lets users know that your business is legitimate
  • A verified profile will appear higher in search results within Facebook

Facebook page admins can verify a Facebook business page in a few easy steps:

1. Go to the Settings tab at the top of your Page

2. In the General settings section, click on ‘Page Verification’

3. Click ‘Verify this Page’ and ‘Get Started’

4. Enter one of the phone numbers which is listed as a contact number for your business (ensure this is a number that you are able to answer to complete the step that follows) then enter the country you operate in and language

5. Click Call Me Now, this will allow Facebook to call you with a verification code

6. Enter the 4-digit verification code and click Continue

Facebook will then review your submission and send you an email within a couple of days and VOILA, you are officially official AKA verified!