Pizza Hut go “Incogmeato” to save the planet!

With one-third of the world’s food currently going to waste, the food industry is one of the biggest contributors to climate change. With this in mind, we love hearing stories about how brands and companies are trying to change their ways to help tackle the problem.

The latest is International fast food chain Pizza Hut. They have teamed up with Zume, a company that is helping to engineer the world’s transition to a sustainable food future, to create a new range of Pizza that is made from and packaged with sustainability at its forefront.

Sustainable Food experts Zume, employ methods of productivity based on demand and supply data to reduce waste and increase sustainability for those within the food industry. Using real-time food consumption data combined with predictive analytics the aim is to assist companies to understand their demand better and link it into the production line.

The new Pizza Hut range, designed in partnership with Zume, makes for a holistic approach to the production and supply of Pizza. The food itself will be packaged in ROUND boxes, meaning less packaging as there will be less wastage space around the actual pizza, with the boxes will also being compostable. The design of the box will also help the company deliver hotter and crispier pizza to their customers, as well as feature interlocks which means that they can be securely stacked on top of each other.

On top of the eco side of the packaging, the new Pizza menu will stir up more sustainable feels as it uses a special plant-based meat called “Incogmeato”. Although this new meat trend is not new in the fast food industry, with Burger King and KFC also looking at plant-based meat alternatives, the new holistic sustainable approach offered by Pizza Hut demonstrates a realisation in the industry and a possible culture shift.