Our Social Media Aims for this year

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As an agency, we at RNN Comms are constantly creating new goals and plans for our clients that will help with them to aim higher and reach further.

This year, that goes for us too!

In 2020, we’ll be utilising the expertise of our RNN Social division to make a dedicated to effort to treat our own agency as a client. We’ve created some social media aims for this year, actions that will help us take our own social media accounts and content to the next level. Here’s how we will achieve these:

Level-up on LinkedIn

We’re committing to raising our LinkedIn game. LinkedIn provides a great platform to communicate with other organisations in a business capacity and there are limitless opportunities to connect with potential new customers. As such, we’re focusing on increasing the volume and consistency of our communications on LinkedIn and adding it in as an integral part of the RNN Comms’ social media mix. You can follow our company profile here.

Invest in creating content

Like we always tell our clients - spending money on high quality, creative content is a good investment! In 2020, we’re taking our own advice and we’re going to invest in creating some quality video content that will convey the culture and creativity of RNN Comms, while informing potential clients what services we can offer that can help to elevate their brands and business.

Open to new opportunities

With new social media platforms constantly emerging and being hailed as the “next big thing” in social media, it can be easy to become disenfranchised and stop paying attention to them. However…this year we are going to explore new opportunities with emerging social media platforms and trends and drill down into really understanding whether or not any of these platforms can offer any potential value for RNN Comms and its clients.

So, there you have it - our social media aims for 2020!

If social media is on the agenda for your organisation's 2020 goals, why not get in touch to arrange a meeting to discuss RNN Social to discuss our services and the Social Media Solutions we can offer?