#MyMoment at the National Ploughing Championships

This month’s #MyMoment comes from Comms Consultant - Jill

It’s been a busy month of delivering events and managing client campaigns at RNN Comms, which has seen us clock up the miles as we made our mark across Ireland.

However, my top pick for this month has to be working alongside the team at Kingspan, helping to bring their #BetterOffBunded campaign to life at the National Ploughing Championships.

As Europe’s largest outdoor event (with just shy of 300,000 visitors!) we needed to make noise to ensure visitors knew to stop by the stand. Secondly, we acknowledged that not everyone could attend the show, however we also knew that everyone should be able to tune in to see what was happening at the Kingspan stand (yes, it was that good 😊)

So, we were there reporting LIVE. Taking over the Kingspan social channels, we were able to convey the excitement and energy in real-time, generate greater awareness of not only the #BetterOffBunded campaign but the full range of Kingspan products, and for those that were attending the show, offer a snapshot of what was happening to entice and incentivise them to visit the stand.

With great footfall and sales accomplished; thousands of online views, shares and positive comments, not to mention hours of original and compelling video content that can be rolled out in the months and years to come, this was one very successful show!

Oh, and the weather certainly helped 😉