Just a Journal by Riki #18 featuring Positive Plays during a Pandemic

Just a Journal by Riki #18

So at Just A Journal #18, it seems like a fitting time to break for a summer recess... for a few weeks anyhow! So this is my last Just a Journal for a while and I wanted to finish up on a positive note, outlining the team at RNN Comms and my Positive Plays over the past three months.

When #JustAJournal returns, I hope you bring you news of awesome client work, new campaigns and exciting progress as we readjust to the new normal.

Side note: This is not to say that we’ve forgotten about how challenging this period has been for many, including some of my close family and friends. My thoughts are with all of those who are grieving, with whom this pandemic has changed their lives immeasurably and to those who are worried about their jobs and future🖤


Positive Plays: Towards the end of March, the landslide of covid-19 hit us, and hit us hard. The future was bleak as we heard continuous news about the predicted death toll, the peak that was yet to come and the shutdown of life as we knew it...on a global scale.

The shock at the pace and enormity of change sent tidal waves through our lives and businesses.

But as I quickly accepted that what was happening was out of my control, focused on our business, and really drilled down on spotting the opportunities, three months later...we’re all good. In fact, I would say that we’re better than good and excited about the future...I sure am.

Although many plates were still spinning, there was time to reassess our business, the value that we bring to trusted clients, the strength of our team and our effectiveness. Time is the most valuable commodity and for this, I’m truly grateful.

Some of our positive plays over the past three months have included:

  1. New clients wins X5 ...hurrah!
  2. Focusing on internal comms and delivering huge volumes of content for clients within super quick timescales
  3. Creating and delivering really meaningful work for clients - see testimonial below
  4. Benefiting greatly from the networks I have built over the past five years and truly valuing my associates’ advice and guidance
  5. Achieving Chartered status with the CIPR
  6. Paying all of our suppliers immediately
  7. The power of our team, our camaraderie and our adaptability
  8. Rapidly developing new thinking and ideas for clients when the original 2020 plans that we’d worked so hard on lost all relevance

There are two highlights which I’m particularly proud of. The first of which is a teaser....

At RNN Comms, we’re currently trialing an entirely new structure for the agency. It’s new, exciting, ambitious and something that I’ve wanted to do for a very long time. As we’re still in trial mode I can’t say too much more but details will follow at the end of the summer, and if we can crack, it’s a game changer for us as a team and an agency.

The launch of ‘Purposeful PR’ - an internal and external comms offering that helps us clients to operate with purpose. We’re now living in an era of purpose-driven communications - this has always been a value of ours, contributing to society and delivering campaigns that make a difference - but now this matters more than ever before.

There’s been a huge shift with internal comms. How organisations communicate with their teams is now vital to organisations. For businesses who say that their teams are their number one priority, continue to make your internal comms count - Purposeful PR can help you to achieve this

Here’s how to find more info: https://rnncommunications.com/purposeful-pr


And to end with a nod to the champions...another ‘positive play’ as I live in a reds house! I can’t claim to know too much about football, but I do know that my other half truly loves Liverpool FC! Last night was a good night!

Quick story... last year we got married. I’m in events... organising an awesome wedding wasn’t a major challenge for me, so I got it sorted.

My husband-to-be just really had to show up, but at one point I halfheartedly asked his opinion on the music. To my surprise he said: “that’s all great Riki but I have a song I want included”. “Ok then... so what it is?”...secretly praying it wasn’t entirely naff!

He says…. “Gerry & the Pacemakers, You’ll never walk alone!” Eek! Ok ...if that's what you want...

So in the Algarve, in 30 degrees' heat last year, our celebrant asked 50 people to stand up and start to sway their hands to a song that was very important to the happy couple 😉 And so the Man U diehards, our Evertonian friends and everyone in between happily joined in...(ok so some through gritted teeth!) Fun times!

So that’s all for this week’s just a journal. I’m still as committed as ever to looking for the positives and focusing on the opportunities!


Over and out for Just a Journal by Riki #18 Is anyone reading this? If so, feel free to comment and ask Qs…all feedback welcome! Stay safe all. This too shall pass.