Just a Journal by Riki #15 featuring face to face, roadmap & vitamin D

Just a Journal by Riki #15

29/05/20: Where did May go? Come back…that was fast! Although life is slower than before, in many respects it seems to be flying by. This week has been super enjoyable with lots of optimism from my team, clients, new clients (yes, that’s right…new business!) and myself.

The ‘corona-coaster’ keeps on giving, the lows are extreme and little wins are now ‘highs’. We’re hypersensitive to even the smallest glimmer of hope that the easing of restrictions is giving us, but uneasy in equal measures.

Here goes this week’s Just a Journal #15 - it’s a short one, the sun is shining and a Portuguese vino verde awaits. If I can’t go to Portugal, I’m bringing the tastes and flavours of the Algarve to Costa County Down.

FACE TO FACE: I’m almost Zoomed out. I was asked to a new business meeting this week…in a boardroom! I was excited, OK so a little nervous, but generally looking forward to meeting clients face-to-face, hearing about their business, how it has pivoted and discussing ideas on the opportunities ahead.

This particular business hasn’t closed its doors one single day throughout all of this crisis, they have adapted their business model, and their safety and social distancing procedures made it a very comfortable environment to be in.

OK, so some things were a little stifled like how we greeted each other, the normalities of offering tea and coffee no longer apply and we were in a very large room all spaced out accordingly. But this is the new normal, and the face-to-face meeting was so welcome.

To hear a business talking about challenges, how they have pivoted and the opportunities ahead was joyful. I know we can help; the ideas are flowing and I left that meeting with a spring in my high-heeled step.

ROADMAP: I promised my team at the outset of this crisis that I would be honest throughout. So, I listened to my team, identified how their individual circumstances may be impacted by certain plans and developed a roadmap for our return.

We discussed this today, collectively agreed on the plan, and now have sight of how the next four – five months will pan out. There’s an understanding that there are still many variables within this and that the plan is flexible, but our roadmap has given a sense of certainty, which is lacking in many other aspects of our lives.

Our office is awaiting our return and over the summer months, we’re expanding our footprint to develop proper home-office solutions for everyone to aid effective and flexible working arrangements, prioritising our team and ensuring seamless delivery of client campaigns.


VITAMIN D: We’ve all heard about the benefits of Vitamin-D in helping to boost immune systems, and one of the best sources for Vitamin D is sunlight. When UV rays hit cholesterol in the skin cells, they provide the energy for Vitamin D synthesis to occur.

Today in Costa County Down, it’s 21 degrees, it’s Friday and it’s been a busy week; so as Vitamin D is so important to our overall wellbeing, and today it’s in abundance, I’m off to practice what I preach and log off before another busy week ahead.


Over and out for Just a Journal by Riki #15 Is anyone reading this? If so, feel free to comment and ask Qs…all feedback welcome! Stay safe all. This too shall pass.