Just a Journal by Riki #13

Just a Journal by Riki #13

15 / 5 / 20: It’s Friday…just about. I promised to deliver this journal on a Friday and it’s now 11pm, but it’s still Friday so that’s a win!

This week has just whizzed by, it’s been productive, difficult, exciting and challenging all at the same time! So here goes, Just a Journal by Riki #13


We connect every week, we chat, we communicate, we collaborate. But it’s just not the same! I miss Jill’s breezy ‘good morning’ and colourful attire, I miss Jolene’s epic barista skills and the best box set recommendations and I miss Déarbhla’s baking and stories of her kiddies. And so many more things...our creative environment, the energy when we’re on a roll, the camaraderie when things don’t go to plan... but we’re lucky.

We were set up to ‘work from home’, the systems are in place and we’re generally ‘glass half full’ positive people which really helps to navigate the ups and downs of C-19.

But...I still miss my team and so look forward to the Monday when we all return, full of chat from the weekend and excited to see what the week ahead brings.


I’ve been doing a lot of work on goals. When asked on a call this week about my 12-month goal for RNN, my initial thought was to build / grow our reputation. But then I realised, we’re not doing too bad. In just six years, we’ve been named PRide Outstanding Small Agency of the Year TWICE, we’re currently shortlisted for the PR Moment Small Agency of the Year - pitted against some of the UK’s finest - and we’ve created a host of award-winning campaigns... all from our creative, little eco office in County Down.

So, back to goals. The firm focus is on growth and using this unprecedented climate to do things differently. I’m creating a plan to fast track a future ambition for RNN – a structure for us to be more effective, productive and a new way of working that will go even further on delivering an epic work/life balance for all, whilst not compromising on results.

Despite the economic challenges that lie ahead (of which I can’t control), I’m focused on what I can control...growing our business and seeking out brands and organisations with whom I know we can deliver value. We’re also launching a new service which I’m really passionate about. This crisis has given us the gift of time and I believe we’ll be a better, stronger agency for it.


My background is in fine art, and creativity has never been an issue for me. Ideas and visualising campaigns from the get-go is my default. Creativity, check! Structure...well, practice makes perfect…right?

Over the past eight weeks, much of our work has been reactive, dealing with the here and now, delivering important and vital comms for clients and postponing, reshaping and, let’s face it, cancelling campaigns. However, now we’re balancing this with new briefs. New business this week reminded me of my love of ideas and creating new thinking.

New briefs, the creation of campaigns and the endless opportunities to really make a difference light my fire. This is when I’m truly excited by what we can achieve in partnership with organisations and brands. Tuesday was a joyful afternoon, spent doing what we do best...planning exceptional campaigns. And they call this work? :)

Over and out for Just a Journal by Riki #13 Is anyone reading this? If so, feel free to comment and ask Qs…all feedback welcome! Stay safe all. This too shall pass.