Just a Journal by Riki #11 | Dear April

Just a Journal by Riki #11

This week’s #JustaJournal is slightly different.

In March, I drafted a letter to the month to remind us of the seismic changes that had taken place in just a few short weeks. This week, as we say goodbye to April, here is my letter to April – some thoughts to look back on when remembering these strangest of times.

Dear April,

You’re the month of adaptation, adjusting to our new normal, acceptance and hope.

April, where were your showers? They simply didn’t come. Instead we enjoyed the warmest April on record, with blue skies, bright evenings, beautiful sunsets and sweet birdsong.

April brought Easter, arriving gently and quietly tiptoeing away. No fanfare, no fuss, just offering solace and time to #stayhome

Oh April, it‘s been a 30-day rollercoaster, with no end in sight. Some days great and filled with optimism, other days desolate and not knowing what the future holds.

Dear April, you've signified fear. The arrival of the dreaded peak and the devastation for many. April’s days reminded us that we cannot forget the realities of this virus.

A month of two halves; April spoiled the stay-at-home, frustrated but safe majority. Contrasted by the have nots, for whom staying at home was not an option, and the unthinkable suffering of thousands with whom normal life rules no longer apply.

Dear April, let you be the month when the tide turns, when the first battle is won but the war is still to be conquered.

And April, please remember, we’ve stayed home whilst our NHS heroes have addressed the horrors of covid-19. We hear there’s green shoots, please let this be so.

So to May. May the month bring us a sense of normality, a gradual but safe return, and a renewed purpose.

Hold on to the future. Brighter days will come.

#April2020 #Covid19 #stayhome

Over and out for Just a Journal by Riki #11. Is anyone reading this? If so, feel free to comment and ask Qs…all feedback welcome! Stay safe all. This too shall pass.