Generation Goldfish and the rise of video content

It is official, the memory span of the human race has dropped from 12seconds to 8 seconds – 1 second less than that of a goldfish! Why is this important? Because businesses and brands need to up their game to keep their audience engaged and get their message across quickly.

The drop in our attention span started as the mobile revolution began. With heavy reliance and use of multi-screen outputs we have become easily distracted, so what can businesses do to keep their audience involved? They can take advantage of this mobile revolution, and video content provides the means to communicate information in a quick and engaging manner.

With today’s marketing campaigns involving more videos than ever before, it is the perfect method to not only display more information in one go, but also to attract more organic traffic from search engines.

For your brand and business, video can offer something visual and engaging that connects with your customer and tells a story. It can be creative, engaging and help you show your viewers the various facets of your business – from behind the scenes videos to videos that capture ‘who’ you are as a company, to product demonstrations - video can really help produce an engaging experience for customers.

Digital content on social media that is accompanied by an effective video increases conversions by up to 80% and is more likely to be read and watched, than articles that contain no visuals. Video has huge appeal with 1.2 billion videos viewed daily on Twitter alone and with the impending introduction of 5G networks, as well as ‘smarter’ mobile technology, there is a new way forward being paved for video, enabling video producers to be more creative than ever.

Video content can and will be highly effective, as long as you utilise it correctly.

Here are our Top Tips to produce a good video:

  • Make sure you use a professional camera and lighting; phone cameras are great, but you need to make sure it is steady and high quality.
  • Open with interesting content to engage your audience
  • Start with the most important message
  • Communicate concisely and be engaging
  • Ensure the creative is relevant and specific
  • Keep it short and sweet for social… but perhaps direct the viewer to a longer video on your website for more info

If you think video would be perfect for your business but don’t know where to begin, do not worry as we provide the service through RNN Live. Check out our website or give us a call to discuss how RNN Live can help you engage better with your customers.