From Tweets to ‘Fleets’

Twitter is finally joining the ranks of it’s contemporaries, Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook with its own version of ‘Stories’.

The sharing format which is called “Fleets”, will work in much the same way as ‘Stories’ on other channels, appearing on users’ public Twitter profiles.

As you would expect you simply tap on the Fleet circles at the top of the screen to view another users’ Fleets and users will be able to add text, photos, GIFs and videos to their Fleet feed which will then disappear in 24 hours.

The Fleets feature is currently being trialled in Brazil, so user feedback may shape how the final feature looks before it is rolled out to the public and it may be a while before the Fleets feature is available to users worldwide.

What do you think – would you use the Fleets feature if it’s introduced or is it just another feature on another platform to provide more content for?

I’ll be interested to see the uptake of this and how personal and brand accounts get creative to use Fleets to their advantage.