Dear newest member of the RNN Crew | Is this you?

Does this sound like you?

If you’re interested in being in our Crew, simply write Riki a letter* explaining how you can contribute, what skills you bring and why Riki’s letter resonated with you. Simples! or via snail mail, address on website. Deadline: 5 November.

We look forward to YOU joining us. *all letters treated in the strictest confidence and will be responded to by Riki directly.

Dear newest member of the RNN Crew,

Thank you for being you. We’re so grateful for the upbeat and positive attitude that you bring to RNN, your ability to problem solve, your curiosity, willingness to learn and the new skills that you bring.

As you know, our culture is extremely important to us - and we’re pretty protective of it - so I’m delighted with how you’ve integrated into our team, share our values and I’m grateful for your contribution.

We don’t know everything, that’s for sure, and we greatly appreciate how you’ve broadened our skill set in seriously smart social media / digital advertising / corporate comms (delete as appropriate); and how you’ve contributed to RNN’s growth through your contacts and network, spotting the opportunities and through being proactive. A win for the team is a win for all, and you got this from the word go.

In turn, I’m proud to have facilitated your personal preferences with regards to working arrangements. As I committed when we first met, a hybrid working arrangement was on the table, as was reduced hours, flexible schedules and a full time position. And you know what’s on offer as your journey with RNN develops with team members rewarded for their loyalty and contribution with reduced hours with no reduction in salary after being with the company for four years.

We love our work, and we can already see you growing to love your role at RNN too.

I thank you for your flexibility when the agency requires it, and for your effective, efficient and meticulous delivery of client campaigns. For your strong media contacts, your innovative approaches to briefs and for your attention to detail.

Creativity is so important to me. Time and time again, it’s been demonstrated that our value to clients is in our creativity, problem solving, flexibility and results. Having your input and thoughts has elevated our team’s creative output, and your structured thinking has been the perfect yin to my yang.

Thank you for joining our crew. As the CIPR’s PRide Awards Outstanding Small Agency of the year, we’re pretty proud of our achievements and we look forward to celebrating many more agency and client wins with you 😊

Yours Sincerely,


Riki Neill

Director, RNN Communications