Dear March

Dear March,

You’re the month we’ll never forget.

We planned, we had hopes, adventures to look forward to and a raft of client projects to deliver; but it didn’t turn out that way.

March, we were excited with what the month would bring, but we were blindsided by your weeks, and the events which have changed all of our lives.

March, you brought COVID-19 into our lives. BREXIT was a hill, COVID-19 is a mountain. It’s Everest and it's stopped us in our tracks.

In March, our lives changed. We can no longer hug our family and friends, be present as a team and move ahead at the pace and with the determination that’s now second nature.

March, you’ve taught us that the only certain thing in life is change. From despair and shock, to adapting, reacting and holding our clients’ hands.

Oh March, you’ve taught us what’s important in life, how to pause and be thankful for what we have. And now we have time, the most precious of commodities.

And March, you’ve asked us to stay home, we will. We’ll do our part; but we’re the lucky ones.

And so to the future, it’s unknown but rest-assured that there’s always hope. We’re living through an unparalleled and frightening moment in time but hold on to the future. Brighter days will come.

#March2020 #Covid19 #stayhome