A Month of Being an RNN-er

From the moment I stepped foot in the office for my job interview with the Director (Riki), I was sold. The colourful office in the middle of the cute little town of Ballynahinch is just bursting with positive vibes. It is hard to believe it has only been a month since I became an RNN-er, but they say time flies when you’re having fun, and I am definitely having a great time settling and working with the fantastic team at RNN. My current role with RNN involves liaising with clients, brainstorming, press releases and media relations.

There are many things I like about working here… the four-day working week is a no-brainer, who doesn’t LOVE the idea of having an extra day off? But on a slightly more serious note- I love being part of a team of strong, intelligent women where everyone has each other’s back and more than willing to help out the newbie (me!). The team always keeps me right, and boy, do I ask A LOT of questions… Another big win for me is the commute. Being away from the big city has its benefits as I am not stuck in long queues of traffic, which unsurprisingly removes a chunk of unnecessary stress from my mornings - and I get an extra 10 minutes to myself in the morning.

I really enjoy the versatility of the clients, learning new things and, lucky for us, our director is very open to trying new things. We operate using a buddy system - which is something new for me as I am used to working in the traditional hierarchy environment. I am paired up with the director of RNN, which may sound a bit intimidating at first, but it turned out to be interesting and fun. My buddy has a very strong personality and a lot more experience than me, which is amazing for me as I get to learn more from her every day and feel supported.

It is no secret that working in the PR industry is not easy and brings its challenges- and after struggling for a while to find the right agency for me, I couldn’t have wished for a better work environment than what I am in now. To me, RNN is like a breath of fresh air, a workplace that is transparent. We work hard, we laugh and we work some more.

I know this is still early days and things will continue to evolve as I settle in, but overall, I am happy that I now get to call myself an RNN-er. I am excited to see what challenges this role will swing at me and how I will grow and develop with RNN.