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RNN GREEN: The electric car that charges itself with sunlight


Is this the car of the future?


At RNN Green, we like to think that we keep you updated with what’s happening in the world of renewable advances and sustainability.  More often than not this involves sharing news from the everchanging and evolving automobile industry as we discuss the newest electric or hybrid vehicle to hit the market.  Why only last month we posed the question: In the race for pollution free roads could hydrogen cars overtake electric cars?


This question was quickly put into question itself as just a few weeks later Volvo, one of the most well-known and respected car brands in the world, announced the major news that it was going electric by 2019 – meaning ALL of its car models will be electric or hybrids in just over 2 years!  High praise indeed to all at #teamvolvo

However, whilst Volvo’s vision of an all-electric portfolio is a testament to the growing attraction of electric vehicles, it was a Dutch start-up that really got us talking this week. Lightyear, claim that they have created “THE electric car that charges itself” with the promise to negate the need for charge times, for months at a time. 




Their four-seater family car uses integrated solar cells on the roof of the car that generate enough power to recharge the battery during the day and render charging virtually unnecessary. 

For those lucky enough to live in sunny climates, they claim you could go for months without charging your car!  


For overnight trips or during periods of heavy cloud cover the car has an inbuilt battery that both stores unused solar energy and can be topped up using an ordinary power socket – no need for electric car charging infrastructure.

According to the firm, your car can also feed surplus electricity back to the grid - for which you would get reimbursed. 


Whilst still in the very early days of development, we are excited to follow Lightyears journey and you never know RNN Green could be getting a new solar powered car in the not too distant future!


#positiveenergy #solarenergy 

To find out more, visit their website www.lightyear.one