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RNN GREEN: Solar industry is looking bright 


The Trump administration may be trying to revive the waning coal sector in the U.S., but new figures show that it will be hard to catch up to the galloping solar sector. 

A recent job census* has revealed that one out of every 50 jobs created in the U.S. last year was in the solar industry – a growth of 25% - Whoa!

Solar’s dramatic jobs growth across America - which now employs over 260,000 workers – was largely driven by a rapid decrease in the cost of solar panels and unprecedented rise in consumer demand.

The report stated that installed solar capacity grew by more than 10 gigawatts in 2016, almost double the 4.26 GW growth experienced in 2015.

Still, despite the momentum — and inevitability — of renewable energy's rise to power, its short-term growth remains vulnerable to shifting political winds. Trump is a climate change sceptic who has expressed doubts about the role of clean energy in the U.S. energy landscape.  We can only hope that despite the president preferring fossil fuels, the economic proposition that solar and the renewables industry presents will become harder for him and any other nay-sayer to ignore.  After all, there is one issue that almost always gets a politician's attention: jobs.


Sounds like a bright future!


Oh, and in case you missed it… forget about the pope mobile it is now all about the Nissan Leaf.  It brought a smile as we read that the pope has gone all-electric with his new car.  Seeking to set an example for world leaders – hope your reading, President Trump!

...Although we are disappointed he didn’t go for a Tesla :) 




*The National Solar Jobs Census 2016, an annual report on solar employment issued by the non-profit advocacy group The Solar Foundation.