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RNN GREEN: In the race for pollution free roads could hydrogen cars overtake electric cars? 


Since the introduction of the first hybrid car twenty years ago, sourcing alternative automotive power by whatever means necessary has been the holy grail for car makers.

With the demand for cleaner, greener energy, the search for new power sources has grown quickly. Cars powered by hybrid technology or electric power alone are now well past their infancy and have become a common sight on our roads. However, they can be problematic, not least because of their limited drive time. And this is where the hydrogen-powered car, emitting only water from their exhaust pipes, has the potential to power ahead in the right-hand lane.

Simply put, hydrogen-powered cars have a better range and charge faster than traditional battery-powered vehicles.

Now, Teslas are arguably the cream of the crop when it comes to battery-powered vehicles. The Tesla Model X can run 350 miles on a single charge with a 100kWh battery. And yes, we LOVE the Tesla, but that's if you're willing to spend ££££’s. Most electric cars have a range at or under 100 miles. The Hydrogen powered car on the other hand has long-distance travel time and is much more suited to everyday driving as filling up takes no longer and is no harder than a conventional car.

So, what’s the catch – why aren’t they zooming onto our roads I hear you ask?

Well, have you ever heard the saying: putting the cart before the horse? There are very, very few hydrogen fuelling stations across Europe (only one in the UK) and for a viable network to be established, first customers have to want to buy the cars. It is the classic ‘catch 22’ scenario where car makers are reluctant to market cars without infrastructure, and station providers are reluctant to build stations without cars.

So, although at first glance hydrogen fuel vehicles seem like the low emissions motoring dream, there is a long way to go. Still, the trends are encouraging and the hydrogen enterprise, judging from what we are starting to see and hear, has never been more serious and focused. The next three to four years will be critical for determining whether hydrogen vehicles are just a few years behind electric vehicles, rather than decades.

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