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RNN GREEN: Baddie of the Month


Although he is quite the business man, we think Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary has flunked the ‘green’ test.


In a surprising intervention in the contentious climate change debate, the outspoken businessman said he did not accept the link between fossil fuels and global warming and dismissed climate change concerns as ‘complete and utter rubbish’.

Speaking to RTÉ Radio One's Countrywide programme, Mr O'Leary said he believes that people's fears about global warming are unfounded, stating: “This kind of nonsense that we all need to cut back on beef production or that we all need to eat vegetables or go vegan and all start cycling bicycles is not the way forward. I think it’s complete and utter rubbish.

"You had these people standing round the market square 2,000 years ago, saying the end of the world is nigh. In the 19th century in London, they thought they were all going to die from smog. There is always some lunatic out there who points to a load of rubbish science; science changes.”


Not surprisingly this has ruffled a few feathers with those within the sustainability sector, with industry experts saying that this latest ‘publicity stunt’ flies in the face of factual evidence which shows climate change is one of the most serious issues facing the globe.


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