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RNN DIGITAL: Using the 'Stories' feature


With all the big three social media platforms (Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook) now all offering stories features, this is becoming an increasingly popular way for people and brands to share their personality. Stories add a ‘human touch’ to brand perception and allow opportunities for transparency and creativity.

The ‘behind the scenes’ effect of this type of communication can help to build brand loyalty and raise awareness, but in order to truly harness the power of ‘stories’, you need to strategise!


Here are a few key considerations before you start…

Which platform works best for you? You need to know your audience, identify what platform they’re using and tailor your stories message to suit it.

To ensure consistency with your brand and messaging across the board, consider how your ‘stories’ will complement your existing activity across all channels. Mixed messaging will confuse your audience, so make sure to stick to your brand's style of communication.

If you’re going to start with ‘stories’, you need to be consistent. If you deliver ‘stories’ regularly, people begin to expect them and even go looking for them, so it’s essential that your organisation or brand is committed to making the time to create this content.

Happy story making 😊