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RNN DIGITAL: The power of event hashtags


We all know what a hashtag is, right? And we’ve all seen them in action, but how do you get the most from a hashtag for an event?


The answer is simple: visibility. Get the hashtag out there any way you can; brand images with the hashtag, include the hashtag in promotional material, include it on programs, visual displays, leaflets, invites, tickets – wherever there is space. The difference in promoting a hashtag in this way, as opposed to expecting a hashtag to trend simply by using it during an event, is phenomenal.


A great example of this was the recent IFTA Gala Television Awards. The official event hashtag was #IFTAGala16 and this was promoted heavily in the run up to the event at every given opportunity. The difference it made was very clear and the stats speak for themselves:

• The volume of Tweets using the#IFTAGala16 hashtag increased by 125% compared to the previous year.
• The number of impressions for tweets using the #IFTAGala16 hashtag increased by over 35,000%
• There was a 254% increase in the number of new followers gained when compared to 2015


The lesson here is simple, if you want to build up some social media buzz surrounding your event, creating a hashtag is not enough. It’s essential that a hashtag is created and promoted at the beginning, middle and end of your campaign and event promotion. Try it out at your next event and see the difference for yourself!