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RNN DIGITAL: Social Media in 2018

2017 was an exciting year for social media with a number of trends dominating the ever-growing landscape. 


The popularity of social media is not limited to the younger generation, its popularity spans all age demographics and as such, it has become an essential tool for marketing. As social media platforms diversify and evolve, their growth shows no signs of slowing down and many of the trends that we've seen to date will continue to develop.


Here's a recap of three of the key social media trends and developments that dominated 2017 and look set to continue to evolve in 2018.


First seen on Snapchat, artificial intelligence facial filters or ‘filters’ proved exceptionally popular with users and it wasn’t long before other social media applications such as Facebook and Instagram made the feature available to users.

Filters provide an interactive element to a users’ engagement with social media. While they may not seem to serve a specific purpose or have much of an impact, the filters encourage use of the platform among users and create a shared and shareable experience among individuals using the platform.


Expiring content and short videos
The idea of ‘exclusivity’ continues to appeal with ‘expiring content’ – content that is only available for a limited amount of time (usually around 24 hours from the time of initial posting.) Due to its limited availability, users are compelled to view the content before it expires, creating a sense of exclusivity and encouraging users to regularly check their platforms to ensure they don’t ‘miss out’ on any news or stories.

Short videos continue to provide a great way to engage audiences, appealing to their desire for quick fix content that gets the point across before the users’ attention wanders and they move on.


Live Video Streams
Live video streams such as Facebook Live and Instagram Live continue to grow in popularity. Much like expiring content, live streams encourage users to get involved and engage and interact in the moment, while the content is still fresh and relevant. The real nature of the content and its ‘live’, unedited element greatly appeals to users.