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RNN DIGITAL: Instagram (Success) Stories


Remember when everyone thought that Instagram Stories was just a knock-off version of Snapchat and it would never work?


WELL, they were wrong! Instagram has always had a large user base (recently reported at 500 million monthly active users) and Instagram Stories is benefiting from this with over 100 million daily active viewers – a huge adoption rate for something which was only released just over 3 months ago.

This is a great demonstration of the fact that there is room in the market for more than one similar product. With Snapchat already delivering it’s Snapchat Stories for users, people didn’t think there was a place for Instagram to offer the same thing, but the quick uptake of the Instagram Stories feature suggests that there was a demand for this from their existing customers.

The success of Instagram Stories is unlikely to have a huge negative effect on Snapchat. The volume of Instagram Stories users doesn’t mean that people are defecting from Snapchat to Instagram, it’s more suggestive that Instagram users (who perhaps have never used Snapchat) are now availing of the ability to use a Stories feature within in app they already regularly use.


If you aren’t using Instagram Stories yet, check it out and see what all the fuss is about. You can follow our Instagram account @rnncomms