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RNN DIGITAL: Facebook - Online/offline/everywhere

Facebook is currently testing a new initiative with a Tinder-like approach, that will aim to bring friends together in real life. Over the past couple of years, Facebook has implemented systems that enable users to order pizzas online and to pay friends back if you’ve borrowed money so this is just the next step in Facebook involving itself further in our lives. The feature works by first presenting a user with a list of their Facebook friends names and images and asks the user to select 'Yes' or 'No' in response to being asked whether they would like to meet up with the other user this week.


If both users select that yes, they would like to meet up, it notifies both individuals, prompting them to make some firm arrangements for a meeting in real life (IRL). If you select ‘no’, then your response remains private and no notification will be sent.


Currently in Beta in just two locations (Toronto and New Zealand), it looks like Facebook is aiming to broaden its sphere of influence from online into offline reality, playing an even more pivotal role in our social lives.


I’m not sure how I feel about this feature. These days with people having so many connections on Facebook, it’s easy to forget about connections or friends, so maybe it’s a good way of reminding people to connect with friends and acquaintances and creates an easy avenue for both parties to make contact and make a date! What do you think?