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RNN DIGITAL: 4 things to consider before briefing for a new website


There comes a point when every business needs a website, whether it’s the first website or an updated one, there are things that should be considered when briefing an agency to create a website for your organisation.

Commissioning a website without fully considering the requirements, previous issues or the goals and objectives of your business can result in a very expensive mistake that you’ll have to look at for a while.

Here are some basic questions that a company should be asking itself before briefing an agency on creating a new website:

• Do you have a clear idea of who your customer is? Understanding the persona of your average customer will enable you to use language, imagery and other content that will engage them.

• Can you clearly communicate to the agency what potential users/customers will want to do/achieve on your website and the way in which they are likely to go through the content on the pages?

• If you have an existing website, do you know what works and what doesn’t? Your analytics should be able to give you an idea of areas of the site that are or aren’t performing well in terms of visitor traffic, engagement and bounce rates, which should help inform the design or layout of your new website.

• Can you list the metrics that you will need to measure on your new site to gauge success, ROI etc? This may include things such as newsletter signups, document downloads, engagement rate, time spent on site etc.

Considering the questions above and making the effort to find out the answers before beginning the briefing process will provide you with a great foundation for your brief to a web design agency. By providing an agency with this information, you are enabling them to truly address the needs of your customer and of your business and to deliver a website that could truly benefit your business.